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  1. Hello Chris, Here is the video. This is repeatable as shown in the video every time I do this exact sequence of steps. Had to use voice over to let you know when I was touching the screen. Basically Open File Tap on Filters Studio Scroll to Sharpen Select Unsharp Mask Filter Studio Closes with no Unsharp Mask Panel active Tap on Filters Studio Select Unsharp Mask Unsharp Mask Panel is now active and shown. Please let me know if this is repeatable for you, if not then what am I doing different. Filters Studio Being Dismissed.MOV
  2. I think there is a small bug when opening the Filters Studio for the first time with a new image. When I open an image and go directly to the Filters Studio and select a filter, the studio pane is dismissed (studio is not pinned) without activating the filter - the relevant filter dialogue box does not appear at the bottom of the screen. If I go back into the Filters Studio and select a Filter again, it is now active and the dialogue box shows. This may be more of a minor inconvenience for a bug, but maybe it links to some other issue that is important. So I am highlighting it. I also do not see it being raised previously so maybe it is meant to work this way and I just do not understand what it is doing or how it works.
  3. Thanks! That is very helpful. I am working on images on both the Mac and iPad (while learning how to use the apps - new to Affinity Photo).
  4. Is there a difference between the Unsharp Mask on the iPad and Mac? If I am doing it correctly on the iPad then it just means the Unsharp Mask Dialogue boxes are different between the Mac version and the iPad version. The Factor adjustment on the Mac has a value between 0 - 4, and the iPad has a Factor adjustment value between 0% - 100%. If that was intended, then am I correct to assume that 1 = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75%, and 4 = 100%? Visually they do not seem to align at all with these value comparisons. Am I in the wrong location to perform the Unsharp Mask correctly on the iPad?
  5. Hello, This is a minor UI update recommendation, but when I saw it; it made me do a double take. However, I really like the program so I thought I would pass it along. It would be nice if you reorder the color panel in the iPad Black & White Adjustment to match the Mac version. Also it seems more logical to be in the same order as a color wheel. Color panel order for: AP Mac: Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta AP iPad: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow I have attached the relevant screen shots for you.
  6. I think there may be a glitch with the iPad's value reading at the bottom panel of the screen when a default contrast / brightness filter is applied. If you see from the images below when "Lighter" is applied on the Mac is shows a 25% adjustment. When "Lighter" is applied on the iPad the adjustment is made, but the value does not register on the Brightness value dial. This also applies if I select any brightness/contrast filter in succession. The only way I get the value to update is to dismiss the panel at the bottom and then reselect a filter to bring it back. The the value is readable, but I am not sure if it is the right reading since I had to select a filter to bring it back. Is there a way to bring the bottom panel back and be assured I have not made a subsequent adjustment so I can trust the value?
  7. Hi MEB, Thanks for coming back to me. Yes after pressing the Develop button it looks much better. I did not know about the other thread. I am really enjoying the program. Best.
  8. Hi MEB and smadell, Here are screen shots of my two Assistant menus. They seem to be similar, but I am still getting the different histograms seen above. I also set the RAW image in the Mac Version to Core Image Raw. Any other ideas? Both screen shots above are done without any modifications being made in the Develop Persona. I can attach the image file as well, but would want to ensure I am not causing any issues with Serif since it comes with their Affinity Photo Workbook. Trying to understand this, it seems something is wrong with my setup or how it is viewing the file. Thanks for helping.
  9. Thanks smadell for responding. I cannot find the Assistant settings in the iPad version in the Develop Persona. I found it on the Mac. I saw another thread that states: "If you open a document, then tap the document menu (next to the close document button, top left), you'll see Assistant." I do not see the document menu in the iPad Develop Persona. Next to the close button I have Commands and there is not Assistant listed there. From my attached screen shot there seems to be a tone curve applied, but I cannot verify this on the iPad right now - I cannot find the information.
  10. Hello, I am working through the Affinity Photo Workbook with my Mac and iPad to learn both applications simultaneously. I noticed that the histograms are different between the two when opening up a raw file. Why is there a difference? Please see the two screen shots for the exact same unaltered image from the Workbook. They seem to be quite different, so I must not be seeing them the same in the application.
  11. Hello, as one of the individuals new to image editing and Affinity Photo both on iPad and Mac; I have hopefully a small request. If the images in the iPad tutorials are not copyrighted can they be included as part of the tutorials? I know the potential response is just use any image, but it is so much easier to follow the video with the same image doing the same adjustments and reviewing that you have the same output to confirm correct understanding of the tutorial. My daughter and I are both one of the many that may be new to image editing with the release of Affinity Photo iPad.
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