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  1. @MEBI also noticed that having thick brush strokes in a slice also increases the size of the slice by too much. I added a file as example. Hope this can be fixed as well. line_slice.afdesign
  2. I'm trying to replicate the gardient stroke fill from Illustrator, which should in theory be possible with a Textured brush. Unfortunately I found the brush has a strange artifact at the end of the line. I attached a sceenshot displaying the issue. I also tried to add a bit of margin to the ends but the result is the same. I need both ends to be rounded so this is a bit of an issue from met at this point. I hope this can be fixed in the next update. (Or implementation of gradient strokes would be even better ). Thanks, Arno
  3. Thanks for the update!
  4. @MEB Is there any news/progress on this issue? This still seems to be a problem in v1.6.4
  5. powerupmedia

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    Unfortunately this just hides the rest of the objects/layers for a moment, but it doesn't lock them or 'move into' the selected object. When I want to select a couple of sub-objects within, by dragging a selection, the rest becomes visible again. Just dubble-clicking the object is in my opinion already more like the isolation-mode, since that at least lets you select sub-objects. Still handy to know about this feature though
  6. PS This mask thing also is an issue when trying to align objects.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! I've added a very basic example of the problem. Hope it helps! test.afdesign
  8. When I try to create a slice from a group that has something masked inside it, the size of the slice is determined by the size of the unmasked content. However to me it seems more logical to have the slice the same size as the visible content (the way it is masked). Is there a way to make the size of the slice respect the actual visible content?
  9. powerupmedia

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    +100 for this feature! Please implement!
  10. It would be nice if each document would remember where I last exported my slices for that particular document. At the moment it just opens the the "Select Folder" dialog to the last used folder in general, but when working with multiple documents that means I constantly have to reselect the porper output folder. I'm using version on Windows 10 Hope this can be fixed/added in a future version!
  11. Hi Sean, I'm indeed using Good to hear that it's fixed in the new version!
  12. Pessing the down key in the font select dropdown (when having the dropdown open) in the "Replace missing fonts" section crashes the application. Hope this is something that can be fixed.