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    SWRick got a reaction from hawk in "Lite" option?   
    I have been looking for a simple photo book layout program (Pages doesn't cut it esp. if you need to change something you have done).  I understand Affinity Publisher aims to be a comprehensive alternative to In Design etc.  It would be great if there were an option in it to have a "Personna" or something which would allow someone who wants more capability than Pages but doesn't want to deal with "too many" options to be able to master the basic layout features.  I have somewhat mastered Photoshop, no desire to repeat that experience.  Something along the lines of a "Lite" or "Elements" option- doesn't need to be a separate program, just a way to work with a stripped down feature set.
    And, I would hope, a way to deal with an output format which would satisfy photo book publishers In Design format (or is there a PDF format output option?). 
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    SWRick got a reaction from firstdefence in Limited Menu items and "Global Support" problem- iMac   
    Perfect, thank you- I obviously missed that item
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    SWRick got a reaction from MEB in Unable to view library panel   
    That's what I came back to report- when I tried it a second time, it worked and I got the screen (as well as the macro one), and then was able to dock to the tabs upper right.  I guess it was still tired from being downloaded when I tried the first time