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  1. I have been looking for a simple photo book layout program (Pages doesn't cut it esp. if you need to change something you have done). I understand Affinity Publisher aims to be a comprehensive alternative to In Design etc. It would be great if there were an option in it to have a "Personna" or something which would allow someone who wants more capability than Pages but doesn't want to deal with "too many" options to be able to master the basic layout features. I have somewhat mastered Photoshop, no desire to repeat that experience. Something along the lines of a "Lite" or "Elements" option- doesn't need to be a separate program, just a way to work with a stripped down feature set. And, I would hope, a way to deal with an output format which would satisfy photo book publishers In Design format (or is there a PDF format output option?).
  2. Perfect, thank you- I obviously missed that item
  3. Using latest versions of application and OS. Installed app on laptop (all works fine there) and on iMac- problems there. Menu dropdown on iMac very limited- see attached. On laptop, there is a dropdown for Filters, etc. Nothing similar on iMac. Can't find anything in Prefs or this forum related. [Don't know why attached screen shot is so cropped here- it shows only Menu items are: Affinity Photo | File | Edit | View | Window | Help ] Secondly, trying to add Nik filters to program- worked fine on laptop, don't work on iMac. Followed same process as on laptop, but since I have no Menu dropdown for Filters, can't see if successful or able to use them. Not sure what warning in Prefs about "Requires Global Support" means or what supports that- no such problem on laptop. Running same OS on both. Help would be appreciated- thanks!
  4. OK, issue of Menu dropdowns resolved- realized I had a RAW file and you need a non-RAW file to get the full processing menu. However, while many of the Nik plugins now are available, Color Efex Pro 4 is not available, presumably due to the "Global Support" issue. So any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Again, thank you- worked as described I see the Macphun et al plugins are there as well as the ones which are on your list of compatible plugins. I see only 2 of the Nik plugins show in Prefs as "Working", but Silver Efex Pro 2 (marked in Prefs as "unknown") does work, as per your list. The ones you say are not compatible also show up as "unknown". There doesn't seem to be a way to delete the incompatible plugins, and when you try to use one, the program freezes, needing a forced quit. Other than having the list handy or gaining regular experience to learn the list, is there any way to remove the incompatible plugins so you don't wind up having to force quit potentially unsaved work should you choose an incompatible plugin?
  6. Thank you, that enabled me to access the Preferences- before, choosing "Preferences" from the "Affinity Photo" Dropdown menu immediately crashed the program. Plugins had been there, now are blank. I don't think I had installed them previously myself, assumed they were added by the external programs. The Macphun apps/plugins were there, so I will not install them. Do you know if Luminar etc automatically install the plugins in Affinity Photo when they put them in Photoshop? If so, then I assume installing Luminar 2018, when it comes out, will again cause problems??
  7. I am not a programmer, so don't understand where this is. I don't see anything named Plugin Support in either Library, or in the Applications folder. Don't see anything in the menu dropdowns. A search in Finder for Plugin Support yields nothing named that. Could you please give me a path/directions to access the relevant items? Thank you.
  8. I can't get to Preferences to do anything with it- it crashes as soon as I select Preferences in menu. Here's part of the crash report: Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Signal: Illegal instruction: 4 Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x4 Terminating Process: exc handler [0] Application Specific Information: Crashing on exception: NSConcreteAttributedString initWithString:: nil value
  9. SWRick

    Unable to view library panel

    That's what I came back to report- when I tried it a second time, it worked and I got the screen (as well as the macro one), and then was able to dock to the tabs upper right. I guess it was still tired from being downloaded when I tried the first time
  10. Similar for me. I created an account, then logged in thru that- didn't take too long. You can download from the app- if you don't have that Welcome Screen enabled, you can access it from Help->Welcome (IIRC) and then access bonuses from that screen
  11. SWRick

    Unable to view library panel

    Just downloaded 1.6 for Mac (High Sierra, iMac, single monitor). Never used macros before-trying to load gifts. I went to View->and checked Library. Where am I supposed to see it show up/access? I think I loaded the macro by double-clicking it, and got an acknowledgement. But where is the Library Panel to access macros? "Help" shows what it looks like but assumes it is already accessed, but how do you get to it? It is not in the View dropdown menu, nor any other dropdown menus. It is not in any of the tabs on the right-hand side.