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  1. I did, unfortunately, it’s the same brushes. No smoke brushes appear. Any other solutions?
  2. An amazing manual, much respect. Thank you for the gem, and helping to shorten the learn curve.
  3. Damn! And this update is only from 1.6.2 to 1.6 (point) 3? That’s a lot for one small point. I can imagine what 1.7 update will be. Probably stare at the app, and it will know what I want.
  4. Yea, I’ve been having these issues at some very fine points of my photos. Did you draw that? That’s an awesome painting.
  5. Ok, this... this shit is bad ass!!! Make us a pro Serif. Make us part of your Affinity ecology, by producing more talented individuals for your app, (with quality like the intro picture being taught) the more penetration you’ll attain into the mass social market. Can you imagine the league of Affinity Photo monsters you’ll create, if you teach us how to do stuff like this from the get go? Create a step by step guide, complete with assets for us to download. I’ll pay to learn how to create this photo. Jean Luc Picard style... Make it so!
  6. Well now, this is it. Thank you. I’m such a newb, feel like I should had known this. Thank you sir.
  7. Great knowledge here. Posting, so I can dig up my content in the profile options, in the future, and grab this intel in case I forget.
  8. Agreed. This would be great to know, needs to be added into tutorials. I was never aware of this, thought that was the nature of things as a newbie.
  9. I really don’t know? I do not own any adobe apps. I do own Pro Create. (Potential iOS 11 beta bug)? Not being able to import brushes. My last post here (bottom page) shows my process, in images, how I went about importing the brushes: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/43215-smoke-brush-where/
  10. I see, yea needed something darker, easier on the eyes and for when certain montages created, the background blends. It’s all good, I’ll use photos from online as background layer. Thanks Callum.
  11. iPad 10.5 (iOS 11 beta) Not sure if this will happen to iOS 10 users. I still felt it deserved a mention, just in case it did affect them - then we straight body this thing now. Replication Process of Freeze Bug: 1) Create folder for project (not sure if this is required) but it’s what I did so laying it out here step by step. 2) Create new document within this folder, I set both dial’s (forget what they called) for dimensions, set at the halfway point. I never touched the DPI. 3) import picture from within document, (photo persona, 3 dot icon, place image, camera roll) 4) try to rasterize the image layer into pixel, boom, app freezes
  12. How is this done? Would like a solid color. I’m just gonna layer a solid color background image for now. Just wanted to know how is this done. Thanks.
  13. Ah, very nice, very nice indeed. Thank you for the response sir.
  14. And lots more tutorials!!! (Important for noobs like me) Very good gents. I’m loving this. Now if only **I could import my .abr smoke brush files** with no problems, I’ll be in heaven. Excellent work here Serif, I’m proud to be a part of this community with a progressive moving development team.
  15. Thank you Patrick, Good to see they are aware and already appropriating strategies for it.
  16. Weird, none of the other projects are acting up. I wonder if the heavy load of so many layers have triggered this issue. The other two projects, 3 layers at most. This corrupt project, around 10-12 layers. I am running retail Affinity. $20 purchase. Forget beta, I support quality developers, especially with things that help me save time. But if beta helps smooth things out I’ll gladly download it. Picture proof below
  17. What do you mean full version? Is there a free version of this app? Also, that beta link, I’m surprised it’s not stickied in the front page, here in the iPad forums. Respectfully, in my opionion, I feel that’s something that should be front paged with its own emanated awareness.
  18. So, no speedier movement for the move forward/move backward tool. Damn, that actually really sucks. Took me 35 minutes to make words ooze off a page. Welps! There goes workflow speed on that one. Amazing app, but that part sucks.
  19. I tried it, but nothing is happening. Do they get their own name? ie “smoke brushes”? Otherwise, I’m not seeing anything. Images below: 1) choosing .abr 2) nothing seems to be happening after selected. No prompt or message. 3) No new brushes all the same.
  20. Unfortunately, it crashes when I try to save a copy. As soon as I tap on the iCloud option, screen blacks out. No other way I suppose? (Images below) 1) saving only choose iCloud option available (notice *add* on the upper right is blocked out) it’s what I used the last time to send you the google drive link) now all of a sudden greyed out. 2) I choose iCloud, totally blacks out 3) it’s not crashed, just blacked out. Notice it’s still an active app.
  21. This really excites me. I’ll definitely look through this later. Thank you Obtusity - if you’re in America (Happy 4th of July)
  22. The problem is this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/43219-crashing/?p=215831
  23. Wow, in front of my face the whole time. I was so stuck on following the video, searching where he was mingling, I overlooked the fact the ui is different here for iOS. Thank you
  24. UPDATE: (10.5 iPad) I think this project has somehow become corrupted. Very sad. I’ve been working on this project since Saturday. Couple things lead me to this thought of it being corrupted. I created a test project for troubleshooting purposes, the following actions, it was able to execute without a problem. 1) I can copy/paste onto the pasteboard just fine. 2) I can backout just fine from my test project. Now, whenever I commit any of the actions presented above with my corrupted project. Crazy shit starts to happen. If I back out of the project it crashes the app. If copy/paste to pasteboard - nothing happens. I’m thinking maybe too many layers made it corrupt? (Is there a limit of layers allowed?) Anyways, this literally hurts my soul. So many hours of research, watching tutorials, scouring through forums to gather the appropriate knowledge to complete this project, make it look awesome (for a noob like myself) and get it done for an upcoming event, which this is project is needed for, by no later than Thursday for marketing the event on a site. ORIGINAL POST: Been working with Affinity all day, all the questions I’ve been storming on here since this morning were all pertaining to me and the project I’m currently working on. App lasted over a little past 24hours of consistent working with it, then starts the crashing phase. Lol. The Scenario: I went to hit the back button after I tried to rasterize a smoke image I opened up. Was trying to save my work, and it just crashes. Lost some work. I shut down the app (X Button on home screen) reboot my iPad, and still crashes. Did this twice. I deleted some layers from the project, still crashes. Is there a way to save without backing out? Can I upload my work to iCloud and pull it back in from the cloud? (At this point, I have to uninstall the app and reinstall) wouldn’t want want to do so, unless I receive confirmation I can pull everything in from the cloud. Thanks Mods.
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