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  1. In the new iPad update, the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons have now disappeared. Have they been moved to a different section, because they used to be in the bottom right. I know there’s the “History” view where you can go backwards, but it takes more time to switch via that and I’m not sure you can redo via it too.
  2. Ok that helps, it’s actually better this way as before it would resize when I wanted to move an image. Thank you for your assistence
  3. Hello. After the update 1.6.7 in Affinity, I cannot seem to resize an image how I used to with the Move tool in the Photo section. Normally I would be able to select the six points around the image and resize it with moving my finger, however whenever I attempt it now on it just moves the image in the direction I move my finger. I am not sure if this is a bug or you just moved this ability to another tool, however if this is an issue hopefully you can get this fixed. If this isn’t a bug and it’s just been given to another tool, please may you inform me of that if that’s the case. Thank you
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