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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the above. I love the two-finger tap to undo in Procreate, it is seamless. In Photo, moving to the static button is quite arduous in comparison. I second the calls for a three-finger single tap to undo once or holding with two-fingers to undo multiple.
  2. Yeah, this is really annoying me too. When I first bought the software I was so excited and it is an amazing piece of software, but this omission has ruined the experience for me as I rely on typefaces for a lot of my graphical work.
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    I recommend AnyFont to install typefaces. Unfortunately, Affinity Photo for iPad does not appear to support font weights beyond Regular and Bold, so if you want to use Thin, Medium, SemiBold, Black etc you’re out of luck. Rather a glaring omission if you ask me.
  4. Having shelled out for Affinity Photo and found it to be fantastic, I discovered one glaring omission which has really stood out and ruined the experience for me. Unless I’m missing it, the ability to choose font weight beyond Regular or Bold is not available. I use typefaces with various weights including Thin, Light, Extrabold and Fat, but these weights are simply not available in Photo for iPad. How do Affinity deal with Feature Requests? Do they even acknowledge people who ask for things or is it just a hopeless endeavour to hope things will be implemented fairly quickly? Should I just accept font weights aren’t going to be added and give up on using the software for the things I need it for as a designer?

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