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    Affinity Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows (Excel)

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. I've searched for and found a Affinity Photo roadmap on this forum, but it's dated 2015. I was wondering if there is a current roadmap now that Affinity Photo released 1.7.1.
  3. Mesquito

    Drag to Rotate

    Bumping - To request this feature added in future upgrade. Windows environment.
  4. I am having performance problems with Affinity Photo 1.7.0 and I had to go back to 1.6.5 until Serif fixes issue. In the meantime, how do I disable the pop up notifying me that there is a new version available? It pops up every time I start Affinity Photo. I am running in a Windows environment.
  5. @vkyr - Thank you.
  6. Does anybody know what these dropdown's are used for in 1.7.0? I can't seem to find anything about.
  7. You nailed it. After unchecking noise reduction it took about 4 seconds to develop. Thank you
  8. I'm having same issue. Please find attached videos and raw file. Under 1.6.5, it took 8 seconds to develop. Same file takes 27 seconds to develop under 1.7.0. I'm running Windows 10. Video Capture Affinity Photo 1.7.0.wmv Video Capture Affinity Photo 1.6.5.wmv CFJ_0430.NEF
  9. Found the link to previous versions for Windows: https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/photo/1/
  10. I need to go back to 1.6.5 as well, but I'm using Windows 10. I'm having issues with the Develop Persona. Normally, it would take 8-10 seconds to develop an image. Now, it's taking 20-24 seconds for same.
  11. Mesquito

    100 percent enlargement

    Ctrl+0 = fills the work area, Ctrl+1 zooms to 100%
  12. Mesquito

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thank you to Affinity and the development team. This product has really transformed my photo editing skills.
  13. I'm having an issue with the latest beta running on Windows 10. After running Epicsky macro, the program hangs when trying to expand the adjustment layers the macro created.
  14. Mesquito

    Mask misbehavior

    On the current release, I was able to recreate your problem on the provided file. It looks like you have a hidden selection somehow. But, after I hit Ctrl-D (Deselect) the problem disappeared.
  15. After I stepped away for a while and looked back at the photos , I realized that they still had a color cast after running the macro. Here's a better example adding some white balance as well as a curves adjustment after macro. I realize there is some additional tweaking you can do. It's not perfect, but it's the process that I find most useful for removing color casts from old photos. I hope it helps.
  16. Here is the macro that I use. Remove Color Cast.afmacro
  17. I have a macro that helps removes color cast: Steps: Duplicate layer Invert duplicated layer Run Average Blur on duplicated layer Change duplicated layer to Soft Light Repeat steps on original layer if needed and adjust opacity. Picture below was after two iterations. Again, it's quicker if you record steps and save as macro. You may need to mask certain areas out (i.e. see uniforms in 2nd picture - did not mask) to reduce coloring areas that you don't want colored. The 3rd image shows masking on darkest areas and use of White balance filter.
  18. I duplicate (ctrl+J) the mask, then drag it down to the layer I want to apply to.
  19. I would second this request. While I like the macro availability it is limiting. Having an API to allow us to create our own scripts (preferably in python) would be a major plus.
  20. I am trying to create two layers from a selection. One layer has the selected data and the other layer has the non selected data. I would expect that when I look at the two layers I should have a complete picture. The issue is that I have a faint outline of the selection area and the size of that outline gets larger with feather. But, even with a 0 feather the outline still shows up. To recreate: Create a black pixel layer. This layer is so you can see the outine. Create a white pixel layer on top of the black. Make a selection and copy (ctrl-c), then paste into a new layer (ctrl-v) Select previous white layer from which you copied and hit delete key to cut out selection. Hide the marching ants (ctrl-d) and you should see the faint outline. I've tried different scenarios including inverting selection and pasting onto a third layer and I still get artifacts.
  21. @JimmyJack - I get same faint line on your file as well. Thanks for sharing... This is beginning to sound like "do you hear laural or yanny" .. Looks to be luck of the draw , whether you get the artifacts or not. Thanks to everyone for checking out and offering your suggestions. I should have mentioned.. I'm running on a Windows 10 system... Not sure if that has anything to do with. Maybe one of the developers can check this out.. Thanks again. Chip
  22. Zooming in and out has not impact... The artifact is still there.. If I hide the black layer below, then the circle disappears which implies that AP is not properly selecting all the pixels.
  23. Wosven, Thanks, recreated with 0 feather and Antialias turned off. Still having the issue..