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  1. Thank you finally your description was the only one that made me finally do this !
  2. what you mean convert to curves? (why this is so complicated argh)
  3. I removed the background lock and still I right click add selection to layer style and nothing happens
  4. I'm trying to create a style of this background in the picture trying to follow some few tutorials but when I select right click create style nothing happens. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  5. i'm having the same issue with Dropobx it's greyed out how ever if you go to dropbox app it exports to affinity but from iCloud it's fine from the app to import. And the file name has the suffix
  6. i'm trying to import the brushes from dropbox but it's greyed out I go to the brushes menu import brushes go to dropbox from files but they are not active however if trying to export from ipad dropbox to affinity it opens.
  7. Is there any tutorial how to create styles ? And I don't know why Affinity things there is no interest in supporting ASL styles for graphyc design we cant buy any styles if using Affinity. I don't want to have to do all my watercolor styles from scratch again.
  8. so it doesnt need to be seemless?
  9. 2worlds

    Import .asl files?

    Do we have a tutorial how we can create one like watercolor styles?
  10. is afffinity photo still not able to use asl styles? Is there any tutorial how to create styles like watercolor , gold from textures?
  11. They are Abr files but I'm not deleting sketch so I will wait for the next update.
  12. I put my abr brushes on my icloud folder but on ipad when I go to import brushes still the files are not active to import? So what we should do?
  13. 2worlds

    Brushes on ipad

    ok maybe that's why was not working thanks
  14. So I know Affinity on computer I can import abr brushes . I saved some on my google drive, when I go to import the app doesnt see the brushes to import what kind of brushes can we import to ipad?
  15. Ah ok I didnt get that you have to tap the document but it's not putting in a new layer I guess I will read it more. Thanks

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