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  1. An update on my earlier post - I've managed to work out what the issue was with importing Photoshop brushes and it was actually a very simple fix - for some reason the brush set suffix .abr was not included in the file name when I loaded the brush files to iCloud etc (even though it's included in the filename - see 'Sketch brushes.abr' file above) - Once I added the suffix back on the brush sets imported all OK. Worth noting as a possible issue for other users.
  2. Hi there, thanks for the reply. I've attached a sample brush set to your post (I think). Let me know if you don't see it. Cheers.
  3. Hi there, I've been trying to import Photoshop .abr brush sets, into Affinity Photo for iPad, so far without success. I'm using an iPad Pro, latest vs. I've tried importing from the following locations: icloud Google Drive Dropbox All files are greyed out and not selectable. I can confirm I don't have Adobe Sketch installed, which I read in earlier posts was causing issues with importing brushes. Any suggestions would be appreciated! PS. It's a very impressive program, great job!