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  1. Unfortunately this 'Gravity' can be a good free tool for some hobbysts or single users that have their own workflow and this workflow does not rely on advanced stuff. The only great free application that I know is blender. Very strong community, we use it in company along with other commercial stuff. Making good software = time = money. I don't have a problem with paying unless I cant' afford or the price is not relevant. I wonder how things will go with windows 10. I was forced to upgrade by microsoft from 8.1. Generally I moved all my advanced stuff to linux and only 2d workflow I left on win.
  2. Hello everyone. I am 3d and vfx generalist from Poland. I just stared learning Affinity Photo and I love it. You rocks.
  3. MEB, thank you for this response. In case you change this in the future, please don't start with Affinity Designer but Photo.
  4. Hokusai, it is not strange that you didn't find any of the professional graphic designers who use Linux, because there is no good software for desktop publishing yet. Personally I convinced two people to buy a Mac instead of windows. I know some pople that would like to work on linux but Adobe Photoshop and After Effects is a problem. We are just forced to use Windows. OSX is good but expensive and when you want to build your custom hardware and you need a very powerful specs you are left alone. Poor reality. And for people who say that linux is difficult: If you are clever enough to learn the software, I hope you will learn linux as well.
  5. Coding specialized software only for Win and OSX doesn't change anything special on the market. In general the majority of the users will not abandon Adobe only because Affinity is cheaper(including me and other my friends).There is a lot of great applications for osx. Why to fight with them, instead of grabbing all the linux market? I talk about Affinity Photo because in vector field we have Inkscape and Xara. It is not a top priority. Linux is a great platform in 3D area and vfx but It would be nice to have a software for editing bitmap images with professional level.
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