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  1. @hy13 Dear hy13, This looks like a useful fix. Unfortunately I don't have the v17 *.8bf file, I have searched my c:drive and I have several V18 populated in various sub folders. Is it possible to share this file please, so I can get AP 1.8 up and running (again, like it used to!)? Thank you Gareth (...and have you purchased a V19 upgrade?....does that work any better?)
  2. For now, I'm going to have to stick with Photoshop. In one TIFF, I can create a base image as a Smart Object and then use several different plugins to edit it and preserve their settings as Smart Filters all in the same file e.g. Luminar Flex, Nik Collection and PortraitPro Studio 18. Any subsequent adjustments can then be passed on to a final image. If I use any of these in AP, the adjustments made are baked in and lost when the final layer is created. This needs fixing - I'm assuming it would happen through Live Filter layer functionality. Many thanks Gareth
  3. I'm sure this has been requested before.. but +1 for enabling plugins to be used as Live Filter layers please. I love Nik Collection but I do not love using it destructively in Affinity Photo where adjustments cannot be made subsequently. Live Filter seems to be the best way to achieve similar functionality as Smart Filter/Smart Object in PS. Oh... and sort out the colour render in Viveza please as well Thank you, Serif!
  4. How long am I going to have to wait for a Serif platform for image management and Lightroom-style RAW edit functionality which then flips into Photo for heavy duty edit/manipulation/stacking? Lightroom must be a HUUUGE target opportunity. Would love to see some proper competition. Loving Affinity Photo BTW guys.
  5. Scungio - you're a legend. Thank you so much for your help and thoughtful support. Top man. Fanstastic to have folks on the forum with deep knowledge of the product and good quantities of common sense and logic too. So kind of you to help me out so generously. You've made an Affinity Photo purchaser out of me.
  6. Thanks for your answer, but it doesn't really help me. I want to know how I can make that colour range selection, refine the edges, get it into a mask and then use Levels to adjust.
  7. Hello Folks I'm still on Affinity Photo trial, so I hope I can get a prompt answer to this. I'm no expert on Photoshop, but when re-touching/restoring old documents or old photos there is a technique that uses Levels and Colour Range to remove stains and blotches that affect only part of the image. I have a photo that has a yellow stain on part of it - but it is NOT a cast that covers the entire image (I know how to deal with that - it's much more straightforward). The same issue occurs with brown stains/blotches on old documents. In Photoshop, you'd add a Levels adjustment layer. In the dialog box or panel, that adjustment layer automatically has a Mask Layer (doesn't seem to in AP) When you select the Mask Layer in the Levels panel in PS, you have the option to Refine>Colour Range This means that you can select which colour range to apply Levels to by using a Mask Layer. You sample the colour of the stain using the dropper, then use the 'fuzziness' slider to adjust the range of colour in the sample and feathering to subtly integrate the adjustment. Once selected you can then adjust the levels of that colour range to reduce the impact on the image. How can i achieve the same in Affinity Photo please? Many thanks for your help and support. Gareth
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