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  1. I’d also like to chime in favor of an undo gesture. The UI button is a real speed bump in my workflow.
  2. > New HDR, Focus Merge, Stack, Panorama now support dropping of source images in iOS11. Praise Jesus hallelujah! Thank you serif!!!
  3. This thread is about Affinity Photo for iPad. iOS doesn’t have a Finder.
  4. On a similar note, selecting multiple images when doing special processing, like focus stacking. Right now you have to tap the cloud icon, navigate to the right folder, and select ONE SINGLE IMAGE file. Then, you have to repeat the process again for every image (including navigating to the folder). On a 5 image stack, this is annoying. But for 20+ images this is a real impediment, especially if it’s buried deep in a bunch of folders.
  5. This feature would absolutely amazing! Batch processing is such an important feature in my workflow, and this would be a very cool implementation.
  6. It would be a game changer if I could have editing presets, and be able to apply them as an extension in the Photos app. Then, I could use Workflow for batch processing RAW images...
  7. YES PLEASE! This is a such a useful feature that I would literally use it every minute with this app. For users who have a pencil, it makes sense that the pencil is the only way to actually draw on the canvas. Fingers shouldn't act as a brush... they should be for UI interaction and panning/zooming.
  8. This is a really important feature to add, for one critical reason: storage optimization. For people with iCloud Photo Library, the photos app is perhaps the best way to keep their library accessibility, but also off device. I can view and organize everything without have to fully download all my RAW photos. Moving my library to the files app doesn't make sense, because I lose the ability view them easily. Please serif, add this feature ASAP!
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