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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
  2. All suggestions welcome! Its all part of the learning process.
  3. Thanks for the feedback @MartinB78 - I missed that!
  4. First piece in my classic car series done in AD.
  5. Another illustration sketched and inked on Affinity Photo for iPad. It's so versatile!
  6. I've started to do a few creative challenges on Twitter so that I can get some daily practice. This was for a muppets disney doodle.
  7. Another experimental illustration on AP for iPad using Frankentoon pattern painter brushes.
  8. Another illustration on AP for iPad. Also using Frankentoon pattern painter brushes.
  9. Very nice and clean design. I like it! Is this part of a series/collection where you'll be doing different scenes at different times of the day?
  10. Here is my first attempt at a self portrait using Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro with Pencil. Still needs some perfecting! It's such a great combination and will allow me to progress and experiment a whole lot more.
  11. Hi, I'm Selwyn. I've used Photoshop and Illustrator in the past as a casual user but was always on the lookout for a decent equivalent without the subscription charges. Since I've discovered AD and AP I'm totally in awe! It is so straightforward and has some great features. I've recently got the AD workbook so am going through that and have just recently downloaded AD for iPad Pro. I can't wait for AD on iPad (as I'm sure most people are!). I'm currently just getting used to software and trying certain things out. I'll share my work as and when its completed. Keep up the good work @MattP (and the rest of the Affinity team).
  12. Thanks Jer. I seem to have a few family requests coming in - which is no bad thing as I get to spend more time doing this stuff which is great!
  13. A special request for my nephew's birthday. A few more finishing touches needed but otherwise almost there.
  14. Thanks Bruce. Took a while for the composition and then the colouring. Maybe a few days in total?
  15. Thank you George. I've been looking through your eejits collection and it is AMAZING! Is this something you've nurtured over time?
  16. A different type of piece, still in progress and not sure of what the final result will look like yet!
  17. Thank you guys for your comments. This is for a framed piece Stuart_R so kept as a monogram style. My next challenge is to try more tutorials and advance this further. Watch this space...
  18. This is the my first foray into using AD. I guess I would say I'm a casual user but I absolutely love it! Initially started with hand drawing but have decided to start to vectorize them.
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