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    DXF and DWG

    As an architect, often in need of exporting logos to dwg/dxf, I also support the request for dwg and/or dxf export*. Specific use cases include, for example: - Drawings' title blocks (one logo for each member/practice of the design team) - 3D models (customer's logo on the fa├žade of a building) Being able to select dxf version would also be useful (Blender can currently only read DXF Release 12, to my knowledge). --- *Edit: Apologies, only later realized this is off-topic, asking for exporting while OP asks for importing.
  2. Architect here, currently using AD and AP. Logos often find their way to 2D drawings and 3D models (as signs on buildings, for example). Although there are viable alternatives, DXF / DWG export is a time saver and would be much appreciated.

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