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  1. I'm surprised we can't save a layout - particularly in a professional world where often two screens are employed and it can take an age to set things up just as we like it. But yes, please move the post to a better place if that would be helpful. I've quite a few observations on little things that would make the Affinity experience better and faster - particularly coming from a long time PS user. Not features, but quirks of how the interface operates - without needing to be a PS clone of course. Where / who is the best place to put them up so it gets to the right people in the RnD dept?
  2. New to Affinity Photo, (long term PS user...) I'm using two screens, so have most of the tabs/panels separated from the image panel and on the 2nd screen. I just have the Context Toolbar on the main screen along with the Main Image, which I set to fill the available screen space. When I close down Affinity and reopen, I would have expected the last screen layouts to remain. This is true for the panels on the 2nd screen and the Context Toolbar remains in place. However, the main image shows in a reduced window, (with a display at 16% size), and so each time I need to manually drag the panel out to fill the screen. Not a massive deal, but it will become a bit of a chore. What can I do to persuade Affinity to re-display with the main image left as it was before I closed everything down?
  3. Yes this sorts me. And it does seem that Serif is digging its heals in over this as requests see to date back for years. Photoshop just has a global "switch off" option for toggling and shortcuts only apply to each little box in the tools. So a shortcut would apply to either the paint pot or the gradient tool - whichever was appearing in the tools box at the time - but not to both. For me, I use the shortcuts for single tool options and although it would be nice to have a shortcut for the current tool displayed, there are as many advantages to having just the one tool type having a shortcut as well. So I'm happy. Now to get the mask options to work like I want... Fun stuff this, learning a new interface...!
  4. That seems to work very well. It's a bit time consuming and you'd think Affinity would have sorted this by now - but worth a happy 15 mins of my time to set this up. Affinity may be back in the running... yey...! Oodles of thanks. I'd have never worked that out on my own.
  5. I'm trialing Affinity Photo, and so far it is looking good. (Don't want the Adobe rental model if I can help it). However - the tools section is currently driving me mad. If I inadvertently hit the brush tool more than once, it cycles through the other brush options. Likewise with other multiple-option tools. I can't find a way of turning this auto toggling off, (like I can in preferences with Photoshop). And being someone who uses shortcuts extensively and has the tools bar on a second screen (as with many of the other panels), you can imagine the frustration this causes. I've searched on Google and find no solution - but I do find a lot of requests one the last couple of years. I can't believe there isn't a way to switch off auto toggling of the tools... that would be crazy. So am I missing something, or is it off to Adobe, because this would be impossible to live with? (Hope there is a way because I'm quite liking Affinity). Thanks