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  1. I purchased frankentoon's propaganda kit, but when i try to import it to AD on my ipad pro 9,7, the app closes, i was able to import brushes and other stuff without problem. I tried turning off the ipad and tried again, but still crashes. Also, not sure if its a bug with AD or the app Files, but im unable to import anything using Files app or any other app but Dropbox(in Files), is annoying because i need to download the content, upload it to dropbox to then download it again when i import it and the internet i have is beyond horrible
  2. +1 Two fingers tap for undo, three fingers tap for redo
  3. +1 Is a must, the bar that appears is annoying. the long press with 2 fingers to make that bar appear sounds neat, but let us use 2 fingers tap to undo and 3 for redo, or make it configurable
  4. i'd love it to be gone all the time unless i need it, and also placed on top or dragable, its super annoying and steals almost half screen :\
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