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  1. Hi dear directors I would like to ask since now we're gonna have 3 softwares after the soon release of publisher I would like to know (Well there be another software after publisher which is for Audio and Video editing and making ? ) that would be awesome XD I HOPE THERE WELL BE . THANKS.
  2. And what makes it unlikely since there are many company made this feature long time ago ? For example this program :
  3. Can you add Arabic text option to affinity (PHOTO and DESIGN) Because the Arabic letters are not connected to each other when I type any kind of word so if this issue gets fixed it will helps me a lot and thank you Architecture engineer : Red.
  4. Hello I've tried several time to sign up and sign in but it always tells me that's incorrect so I click the (I forgot my password) button then add my email address and it saids your email doesn't exist
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