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    The Box Set by Wren

    At least! i have bought a Huion New1060Plus, Affinity Designer (when the discount popped ;) ), and your tool wasn't going to be an exception (just bought the box set). Thanks for your personal message answering and understanding on the topic i talked to you a couple of months ago. Time to have some fun and learn to use your brushes. Best wishes, keep the good work on!
  2. had this same question. i'm translating a gameboard instruction manual, and wanted to give a text some curvature. will try this. thought it would be easier... thanks anyway!
  3. Simple as that. I have 2 computers, one, a desktop one (at home), and another, a netbook (the one i carry everywhere). I bought 1 affinity, so i got 1 serial. Is there any problem with my registration or something if i install and register Affinity on both pcs? I guess the programs never gonna be running concurrently, as i'm the only user. Don't want to mess my valid registration at all. Thanks in advance!
  4. eXeQiEl

    watercolor brushes

    hahah, you gave us little time to find your brushes XD ha thanks anyway!