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  1. I can confirm. My files created by the previous version of AFDesignher were printed with black background. What Steve Casey suggested (setting Model to Tiled AND Layers to Screen ) solves the problem. The actual cause of what happened is subject for research for your developers but till it is fixed this Steve's method is a good workarond for everybody who has this problem. Thank you, Steve!
  2. I second that. We often have a set of several colors for our design and for each color we need several tints or shades. It would be great to be organize those swatches as a matrix with several lines. Each line will contain one color and all its shades. Working with such color matrix constructed of swatches will be much more efficient than with what we have today.
  3. I guess what was suggested is to make a search by layer's name and I strongly support this idea. In addition to the quick search of the needed layer it will also give a designer an additional incentive to assign layers some meaningful names. I can imagine that implementation of this feature might not be extremely simple but in my view it is definitely worth the effort.
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