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  1. Is there a way in Affinity Designer to change the color or thickness of the outlines in Outline View? I would like to make it darker and thicker. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for a quick reply JFisher. The bitmap gradient is not quite what I'm trying to achieve. What I want is to be able to control the angle of the brush with my stylus (I have modified the Rotation and Rotation Jitter options [direction, angle, tilt] in the brush edit panel). I use a Wacom Intuos. But no matter what direction the canvas or stylus I can't get the brush to be oriented in the direction I want. It seems like a very basic way of controlling the brush tool. I have to manually change the angle every time I want to change the direction of the hatch, which is both inefficient but inaccurate as well. Does AP not really support Wacom or other drawing tablets very well at this point? Is there something else I need to do to calibrate the tablet with AP? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to create a crosshatch effect in Affinity Photo (1.5.2, Mac). I am using a custom brush that I created that paints a vertical line. I rotate the canvas to the angle of the crosshatch I want. However the brush stays in the same orientation (vertical). What is the best way to achieve this effect? Is there a way to force a brush to follow the orientation of the canvas? Also is there a way to keep a brush's spacing the same when increasing the size? Thanks.
  4. Thank you MEB! Is there a way to do a similar thing with the border (only stroke the outside of the shape)?
  5. Hi, I used the pen tool to create a shape that overlaps itself. When I try to color the shape, I get a blank spot where the curves overlap. However, I do not get the option to add the shape together in the operations options. I only get divide, which does not seem to help. How can I get it so the entire shape is treated as one entity and I can therefore color it like a rectangle or other normal shape? I attached a screenshot of what I'm looking at and I increased the stroke width to help illustrate. Thanks!
  6. I'd love to have the ability to organize and view swatches better by being able to move individual swatches or groups of swatches (for instance tints and shades of various hues in my project) on to new lines. Thanks.
  7. +1 for all of these requests :)
  8. Affinity Designer is crashing every time I attempt to sort my swatches by color. I am on a Mac, OSX 10.11.6 running the latest version of AD 1.5.5
  9. I come from an Adobe Photoshop background. In PS, I can change the starting point of a selection as I make the selection by pressing space bar as I drag. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo. I've got the latest version 1.5.1 on Mac. I know version 1.5 updated the Freehand Selection tool (three selection modes: freehand, polygonal, magnetic) but I want to know if the old tool is still available. The previous tool is demonstrated in the video below: I think the previous way it selects is still very useful and should be an option for this tool. Is it still available? Or did it go away completely? Thanks!
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