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  1. Hi James...The new videos are great but i have been referring to the old videos on a regular basis and would enjoy having access to them. There is a lot of good information there. Are they available anywhere?
  2. Hello, is it normal behavior not to be able to zoom in and out of a document when using the curves adjustment? Other adjustments do not seem to effect the ability to so this that i know of. This behavior existed before the latest update and continues with v1.6.4.104. Thank you! David
  3. Here's my scenario, I did some editing of 14bit raw files in the 32bit hdr format recently using the develop assistant and because of unusual artifacting and noise i abandoned the idea and switched back to 16bit development. However, all raw files continue to open in the 32bit hdr development format. Can you offer any advice for a fix? The latest update 1.6.3 did not help. The screen shot shows a raw file opened when the develop assistant was already set to 16bit. Thanks! David
  4. Yes, as far as i know, all other dialog boxes will move as needed. Thank you for your time and trouble, it was a big help. David
  5. Yes that was it thank you! I changed the value to the recommended setting and now it works like a charm. However, the result makes everything difficult to read for my older eyes. cheers!
  6. Hello, When trying to use the live lighting filter on any type of photo, the dialog box pops up on top of the image and I am not able to move it out of the way. This behavior does not occur when using the lighting filter from the filters menu. I can move that dialog box all over the place. I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. Can you help? system specs as follows; lenovo laptop running win10 with an i7 quadcore 2.6ghz cpu, 16g ddr4 memory and a nvidia gforce graphics card with 4g of memory.
  7. I have to say that I am a little embarrassed and i'm not sure where to begin. First of all thank you Chris k for entering the fray. I sat down last night after work and tried some more experimentation. In doing so i discovered something that i completely overlooked, and this is the embarrassing part, failed to include in my original post. On my initial hdr merged bracketed sets i had done some edits in the form of an additional pixel layer for dodging and burning, Having included this additional layer I then exported as open exr 32 bit documents. Apparently the additional pixel layer caused the issue. Starting from scratch I went over the process again following all the steps and leaving the merged hdr files untouched. Exporting them as exr32 bit documents, I was then able to successfully stitch 5 images into my panorama. But, to explain further: When I had failed at a 5 image panorama I made an assumption that the software would have an easier time with just two images. So, when it failed at two I decided to try my hand at posting on the forum for help. (my first one). I used the two image scenario feeling it would be simpler and easier for all that would be involved in the discussion. (boy was i wrong). It seems the software struggles with those two images regardless of the format. Thank you both for your time. Please forgive my lack of factual detail. Chris b, if you are still interested i will upload the raw, or if you desire, the raw bracketed sets. Please post back and let me know. Best wishes! Romans 10:9-10
  8. Hello Chris, Thanks for responding. I did some more experimentation and i have no problem stitching my raw files of the same scene, therefore at this point i am not convinced that the software is struggling with this scene. The strange thing is, that when i open any other file type into the panorama dialog i see thumbnails of the images. This includes hdr. When opening the exr documents into the panorama dialog all I see is the Affinity logo beside the filename, no thumbnail. That does not seem correct. I suspect that there is a bug in the raw to exr conversion. Would you like me to upload my raw files to you?
  9. All done with the upload, Thank you for your time!
  10. I will upload the files to the dropbox Thank you!
  11. Here's my scenario I have a lenovo laptop running win10 with an i7 quadcore 2.6ghz cpu, 16g ddr4 memory and a nvidia gforce graphics card with 4g of memory. After watching the youtube tutorial on hdr panoramas, on the Affinity channel, I attempted one of my own, merging 7 raw files to hdr with no tone mapping and repeated the process on one additional image. Exporting both files as open exr documents using the default settings. I then attempted to stitch these two files as a panorama but instead i am greeted with a dialog box that says panoramas not found. (file attached) i am not sure what i am doing wrong. Please help. P.S. on the video i noticed all the files in the dialog have thumbnail images with the filename before they are stitched, my dialog box only shows the affinity logo.
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