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  1. Problem solved! I found a setting "Hide extensions" and the library appeared. Everything is OK now, no more need for replies. Thanks once more!
  2. I did exactly as recommended, but the dictionary files still downloaded with .txt extensions. I tried both versions (deleted .txt extensions), but the language did not appear in the System Preferences/Keyboard/Text list. What's wrong? How should I proceed?
  3. Hi. When checking preflight on a Publisher document, I get lot of notes stating "missing language dictionary (en-EE)", which means Estonian dictionary. I do not want to check neither spelling nor hyphenation, I disabled these functions, but Publisher still asks for the corresponding dictionary. I have Estonian keyboard layout activated, is this the reason for dictionary demands? I need to use letter Õ, which is rare in other languages, so I can't use any other keyboard. I could not install Estonian dictionary, I need to download .dic and .aff files, but I get html and txt files instead. I do not really need this dictionary, I just want to preflight documents without these notes. Is there any solution for this issue?
  4. I want to edt TOC, so that it won't be connected to the TOC tools. Otherwise changing some parameters makes the TOC to change on the fly, which I try to avoid.
  5. Hi. Is there a way to convert TOC in Publisher to paragraph text?
  6. Hi. There are many questions and answers about adding periods in TOC separator line, but no explanation how to change their density. In InDesign you can add separator symbol (period glyph) together with space, which controls distance between symbols. I cannot find similar function in Publisher! Adding space does not work. Is there any trick to do it?
  7. Hi everybody. Is it possible to enlarge icon sizes in Publisher's Resource Manager? Can' find any simple way. I'm working with Mac OS Catalina.
  8. Designer does not open AI files, shows empty canvas instead. Files open correctly in Adobe Illustrator.
  9. Hi. In the tutorial about printing there is a recommendation to use ColorSync instead of printer's own color management. It needs choosing appropriate printer/paper profile. My question is, can I tweak the output, if no profile gives the result expected? I understand, that I should create a custom profile, but all the answers I found in the web suggest calibrating display and printer using expensive equipment. I just want to add a little more blue tone and make the output slightly lighter, assuming the display image is correct. I can do it using printer's color management, but how to do this with ColorSync? Is it possible at all?
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