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  1. Well, I for one never received an email regarding this, despite being a registered AD user. Is there a specific newsletter I need to add my email address to? Edit: oops, I just noticed that you mentioned your email earlier as a way to get added to the correct list. Thanks for that! JT
  2. Well, I guess I missed out on this...bummer. Out of curiosity, was an email sent to users regarding this promotion? I don't recall seeing anything in my email. Since I didn't have need to use AD again until today I didn't notice there was an upgrade and promotion available. Was checking the forums the only way to know about this? Edit: I did see an email regarding the update to Affinity Photo, including the new content, but nothing in that email mentioned AD also getting an update plus free content.
  3. OK thanks, I was hoping for something other than the Undo method because there may be times that I want to try a Stop at the End point, so more adjustments to other Stop nodes, and then change the first without having to lose all those steps. Ah well. I appreciate your response in any case! Perhaps down the road there could be a command added to separate the nodes, or just send one to the back in order to grab the other. Cheers! JT
  4. Hi everyone So I am continuing to explore Affinity Designer after purchasing it last week, and I am quite enjoying it! I have a question about a problem I have noticed with have the control nodes of gradient fills are handled, and perhaps there is a simple solution to this that I am missing. In particular, this is an issue I first noticed when using the Fill Tool in Conical Fill mode, although I have since noticed that there is a similar issue with all fills when using the Gradient Fill pop-up panel. When adjusting the Stop nodes, if one drops a Stop node on top of an End Point node and releases the mouse button, that Stop node can no longer be selected and dragged (Designer appears to make preference for the End Point node after that). The Stop node still functions and applies its gradient effect, but can no longer be adjusted. This effectively renders the gradient "stuck" at that Stop node. If this is done by mistake then one has to restart the gradient from scratch with a new fill. This also seems to be true for Stop nodes in the Gradient Fill pop-up panel. Is there an easy way to separate a Stop node from an overlapping End Point node? Hitting Delete on the two overlapping points appears to delete the colour but not the Stop itself, or deletes the entire gradient fill if it was the only Stop node. Any solution to this? I admit I might simply be missing something obvious, so I apologize in advance if I am simply being obtuse. Cheers! JT
  5. Hi everyone Chances are high that this has already been requested, and if so please consider this as my way of adding a voice to that. As a long time user of CorelDraw there is a feature that is so simple and yet so convenient that I feel completely odd not having it in Designer. That is the ability to right click while dragging an object to create a duplicate. Essentially, while dragging an object (i.e. still holding the left mouse button) clicking on the right mouse button leaves the original object at its origin and converts the object being dragged into an independent duplicate. This is something that I think would really be a convenient addition to Designer that a lot of users would appreciate. Of course, there is the issue of this being primarily beneficial to Windows users with dual button mice, or any Mac user that has a dual button functionality with their mouse. It is less useful (or not useful at all) for those using single button mice or trackpads. Nonetheless, if this is a simple coding tweak (and I am perhaps naively assuming that is the case), I would love to see this feature added down the road. Cheers! JT
  6. Hi everyone First off, I apologize if this has already been suggested or is already in the works. I find the pen tool angle constraints of 45o increments to be very restrictive. It seems odd to me that object rotation would work on more flexible increments of 15o while the pen tool does not. I would love to see this improved to operate at 15o increments much like how the object rotation works in AD, especially since I hope to use AD for more technical drawings (at least, I will once the arrow line styles get added in). Thanks for your consideration! JT
  7. Thanks! That seems like a great resource :)
  8. Hi everyone I apologize if this is a silly question or if this is the wrong place to ask... I downloaded the DAUB Vector Set II brush set via the Affinity Blog, and I wondered if the first Vector Set was still hanging around somewhere for installing. I found reference to it being included a few years back as part of an eZine, but I didn't see any links to it more recently. Is it still floating around out there somewhere? Cheers! JT
  9. Hi everyone! My name (more accurately my nickname) is JT and I am an amateur digital illustrator, mostly providing pseudo-technical illustrations and media as a side part of my job. I am long time CorelDraw user starting with version 4 all the way up to X6, which I still use. However, I have been looking to step away from CorelDraw recently. I was pleased to find and try the AD demo, and I just purchased the full version this morning! I have been quite impressed with the functionality of AD so far. While it is missing some things that I love in CorelDraw, it does a lot of things better that I very much appreciate. I am looking forward to digging into AD further :) Happy to be here!
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