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  1. Saving the publication to a new name crashes the program and the saved file is lost
  2. I wonder if I can open PagePlus X9 in Affinity Designer. I hope that would be an option - Thank you all
  3. I just spent over 3 weeks creating a coffee table book 300 pages all color images and placed images in the document 300 dpi preflight tell me image resolution is approximately 180 dpi.. when I look at the original images they are all 300dpi. what is going on? Help. Is there a quick fix and what did I do wrong. I tried to wait for Infinity publisher, but i got a deadline
  4. I need Infinity Publisher. Please when can we expect a release date I am using X9 on a 300 page Coffee table book and wish i had Infinity Publisher.
  5. OK, I looked at it, understand it. here is the question, what do I export it as.? and how do I import it into WebPlus X8 - Affinity Photo Tutorials / Affinity Designer Tutorials / Affinity Photo for iPad
  6. Thanks - looking at it again, primarily for export from designer and import into WebPlus X8 for further code development
  7. Individual images or a total framework sliced saved as .jpg etc. - thanks I will check the tutorials again
  8. Hi folks, I am interested in creating a shell in Affinity Designer and coding in WebPlus8 is that possible? And can you suggest some general guidelines? I do like the possibilities presented in Affinity Designer and want to use it for my website design.
  9. Question. How do I clear Master page content from any or all pages?
  10. I am a Page Plus user and been experimenting with Affinity Publisher. Love it, I got two publications ready for press in January, when is Publisher going to be officially released. I could push out the publication date if Affinity Publisher will be released soon.
  11. Downloaded the latest Infinity Publisher Beta "affinity-publisher-beta-" and unable to install
  12. I have read reviews on Affinity and was quite happy when the PC version arrived, however it is not working correctly on my PC - looked at the video tutorials and still have not completed a project. so tell me have anyone else had these problems. I am a past Photoshop user

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