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  1. Hmm... TY, that is interesting if not quite as elegant as the desktop version.
  2. I’ve reviewed the desktop version video entitled “Using Clone Brush Tool between different Affinity Photo docs” and have not been able to figure out how to do this on the iPad. Any thoughts? It seems that the Sources Panel is a critical link that may be missing.
  3. I would like to add to the request for a sources panel equivalent also, as I am trying to set up multiple image sources for cloning using Photo's sources panel (per the desktop version video) and would love to do this on the iPad.
  4. cote32mt

    AirDrop Functionality?

    Thanks! I found it under the Export/Share option. Was looking for the typical icon (square box with an up arrow through its top) and missed the rather obvious "tap to share with AirDrop" text.
  5. Is there a way to AirDrop an Affinity Photo file back and forth between an iPad and a Mac? I know iCloud is a way to transfer files, but this eats up lots of cellular data (I don't usually have WiFi access).
  6. cote32mt

    Documentation or Manual for iPad?

    Given that this is a new and probably regularly evolving app I would think that an up-to-date manual would be quite the challenge to provide. Keep in mind too the cost of this software compared to the alternatives.