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  1. Not bad! it's practical. Thank u Dan C
  2. Hi! I´m triying to export .eps with tables work (full document), but then in .AI i can´t see it. It´s so messy if my client want to work with the document and they don´t have AD.
  3. How can I edit at the same time, the curves of many strokes without adding intermediate nodes? Is there any way?
  4. I read many comments and came to the conclusion that AD was only intended to create digital environments. In general, the program and the interface are very clumsy at the time of preparing documents for printing. Being able to see the bleeding line is basic and it should not be necessary to invent systems such as putting a square with transparency and line and then removing it. It is not the way. This function is standard in all programs of this type. No need to invent anything new. Too much time waiting for a vital improvement.
  5. Bent


    Yes, i´m talking about Art text, but in general is the text tool. The base line is displaced with respect to the base of the typographic body. I´m sure will be fixed in 1.6. Thanks! :)
  6. Hi. I have never participated in a forum of this type, but I am very happy to use AD. So I'd like to contribute something. Being a program for professionals, I do not understand the logic to work with typography. I find the following problem. This is the way AD understands typography. In my view, it does not respect the typographic structure. The baseline. This problem is seen when the font does not contain descending letters. I think there is a misinterpretation of the baseline, and fixing it would make it easier to use fonts more accurately. I propose this solution: Many thanks to the whole team for this program. Keep working hard