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  1. Ele is in top left corner - it will only go there from whence it is not available to photobox.
  2. Good evening gentlemen I have tried all your suggestions (the ones of which I am capable!). I realise that you are so far ahead of my game. I thank you all for your patience and efforts. It is perhaps, for your sanity, better if I don't pester you any more. To sum up from myperspective: I really don't fathom why jpegs etc go fine - it is the pngs which are failing. Why, oh why does the png only go the the screen and not to a folder???? If any of you have anything further that may help I would love to receive it - I just don't want to annoy you and take up your time. Thank you. Roger
  3. I'll give it a go tomorrow.
  4. How do I show file extensions?
  5. This is where it goes and from there I can go nowhere.
  6. Is this what you needed ?
  7. Thanks Alfred. Is there anything I should do about that ?
  8. RC-R Whoa! Steady! I have just done exactly what you have suggested. The icon has appeared on the screen BUT NOWHERE ELSE. As I say it is inaccessible. I go to desktop to upload to PB and it just isn't there. It remains on the screen but not in the folder.. Sorry - imagine what it's like this end! R
  9. OK all you great people who have offered your help for which I am very appreciative.. Having tried all your suggestions and contacted photobox, who assure me there is no problem, this is how I see it. I follow the processes to export the png correctly. It appears as an icon ON the screen but will not become available from there mainly, it seems, because it becomes unavailable to PB from there. I need it IN the folder. It will open from the screen in many other progs but with the background. Jpegs go to the desktop folder and are available for use. It is only the png which stays on the desktop screen. Have looked all over the net to no avail. Any chance you could all have a final attempt?? Thanks Roger
  10. Thanks although i still goes in to photobox with its background.
  11. Not sure what I meant by the 'my version only supports jpegs'. What I mean is that PhotoBox says it can upload jpegs and pngs. Problem is where are they to upload? They do not become available in the desktop.

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