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  1. jplautre

    Two warnings

    OK. Thanks to everyone. I'll check these answers when I'm back !
  2. jplautre

    Two warnings

    Thx, Aammppaa. No file imported : just typed it. Here is the afpub file. P.S. Any idea about my font message on printing ? lE SUPPL2MENT.afpub
  3. jplautre

    Two warnings

    Sorry but I don't see the "Eye symbol"
  4. jplautre

    Two warnings

    Hi, everyone. 1. Opening a project, I receive this message. But why ? (I don't call these fonts) 2. And this warning : "Overflowing text" Where can I see where is the problem ? Thanks for help.
  5. Thank you, MEB, you were very "clear" ! I've just found the "missing files" in my directory. (I already used "person.png" but didn't see the others). Sorry again and thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi, everyone. Trying to do the "Search the woods" exercice (p.312), I could download the files contained in "https://affin.co/" etc, but how to do the same in "search_in_woods.afphoto..." OK to see them launching Afphoto in the snapshots panel but then (to have the .jpg & .png files (texture, publishers-logo, etc)) ? Thx for your help.
  7. Hi, everyone. Installed the 1.6 version (in french), went to the welcome screen, clicked on "Free content/Obtenir" and...everything was OK. Is it normal ?!! Sorry for kidding ! But I wasn't obliged to change the language.
  8. @carl123 Hello ! As a newbie, I tried to repeat your example but how do you "use the Group as a clipping mask on the image layer" ? I looked at some clipping masks examples but could not translate them ! Thx for help.
  9. Very interesting (the result), but if someone could translate it in english would be easier to understand and repeat it ! Thanks in advance if possible.
  10. Thx for the answer.
  11. Hi, everyone. Is it (or will it be) possible to use PS scripts in Affinity Photo ? Thx
  12. OK and it works ! Thx
  13. Hi, everyone. Having seen an example on youtube, I can't reproduce it : some possibilities are missing on my screen(Windows10. See link. Thanks for an idea.
  14. jplautre

    Welcome screen

    OK, that's what I did, but I believed there was a video ! Thx