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  1. I have asked the author if he will provide the app as a plugin for Affinity Photo and he is willing to do so. He just needs the Affinity team to provide him with the information necessary to write the appropriate code to work with Photo. For me, it replaces the Instant Artist feature that was included with Photoplus, Serif's older graphics software.
  2. Absolutely, maybe Publisher could get the facility to accept plugins. Including an internal offline grammar checker would also be useful.
  3. This is very sad news indeed, but one has to go where the market leads, Pageplus and the whole Plus range were always seen as a toy set of products by most professionals and only useful for the home consumer and small charity outlets. It is a shame that they missed out on some very good software. Maybe linking Affinity to their Plus range would be to brand their new software as inferior to the Adobe, Quark and Corel offerings. Something they do not wish to do.
  4. I use QR Code Generator Pro available on Microsoft Store (The Pro version is paid for but allows SVG export.)
  5. I agree that Serif would benefit from creating a media manager Lightroom alternative, another option would be to allow Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher to link to an already existing alternative such as Faststone viewer, XnViewMP, Darktable or Digikam. Of course, this might be difficult to achieve with Serif's software development policy.
  6. Perhaps, if you post a thumbnail of the poster so people do not have to download and open it to see it, you will get more responses. That way more people will be able to react to it without downloading. Maybe like this?
  7. Yes it looks like this is a necessary development the Affinity needs to embrace. So +1 from me,
  8. An acrobat that does not have to be licensed from Adobe. Very well done.
  9. Serif is concentrating on print publishing and not e-publishing in any form, at least not in the foreseeable future. They provided support in their previous DTP software but I believe they are more focussed on printed output hoping to get that done to the best of their ability. I do not know if they have e-publishing in their distant road map. You will have to wait for a staff member to comment.
  10. Here is Freetone, a PANTONE alternative if anyone is interested. https://culturehustle.com/products/freetone
  11. Someone has provided a Freetone Colour Palette which may interest you.. https://culturehustle.com/products/freetone
  12. We have to admire the spunk of the OP in bringing this to our attention. (P.S. It also means pluck.) At least it isn't German filler text, there could be far too many sixes in that source text.
  13. Fotosketcher 3.90 is now available with a new painting style and scripting support. It also has the ability to use multiple painting styles one after the other. https://fotosketcher.com/1
  14. Cool. Personally I use QR Code Generator Pro on Windows. There is a free version without the Pro label. https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9PB220Q9NZZR https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NQZGS8WZLH2
  15. Green Street Publisher also had this functionality. Maybe Publisher could support plugins/extensions which could add extra functionality like barcodes.
  16. I don't want to put you off using Publisher but have you looked at using either Only Office, or LibreOffice instead?They may gave the facilities you require built in or enabled with extensions.
  17. Do you think the Data Merge faculty could be co-opted to provide a flexible bibliography if the information had been entered on a spread sheet and exported as a csv? Or has data merge not got the required flexibility? It's not something I have used myself.
  18. I think they would need someone more professional than me. I only use the layout software for my own creative content which I can only do part time as I look after my father. You would need someone with a more dedicated work flow and probably access to broadband. All my internet is done over LTE functions on my phone. Broadband is far too expensive. Downloads are not fast and uploads are even slower, reminiscent of dialup I would think. However, I will keep it in mind. If things change then I may join the beta testers.
  19. Well, if they need extra time to get it right then good luck to them. Better a fully working feature than a feature which is only partly or shoddily implemented. It means they are taking the feature seriously and that can only be a good thing.
  20. The one thing I was really looking forward to in the 2.1 release of Publisher were the long awaited cross references. It seems it didn't make it into the final release. Still, never mind. I love the running headers. Mind you considering PagePlus X9 had problems with cross references, maybe the wait will be worth it. Hopefully they will add captions and tables of figures as well. That would provide a really powerful facility.
  21. My favourite locomotive from the steam age. Streamlined and powerful. Very well done sir.
  22. Congratulations, the static fonts are downloaded with the variable fonts but are in the static sub-directory.
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