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  1. Thanks guys, I knew it was something easy, just didn't know what wording to look for!
  2. I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean here. I have some text boxes that I've dragged off of the main viewing area, which you can see as the blue rectangles on the right. Is there a way to see the text that is in those boxes when they're dragged off the edge like that?
  3. Thank you for taking a look! I was under the false impression that they were screenshots, since that's what I normally do. Once you pointed that out to me I was able to get it taken care of. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue where I took a screenshot of some staff notation and put it into a document. If I try to export document as a PDF now, Publisher is changing all the musical notes in the screen shot image into gibberish in another font. It's like Publisher is trying to read the image and turn text it finds into editable text or something, but again, it's only changed on the export. I've included the affinity file, the PDF, and screen shots. Thanks for your help guys! Encomia_rev.pdf Encomia_rev.afpub
  5. Aaaaand now they're showing up on the website. Looks like maybe turning it off then back on resolved the issue. Thank you!
  6. Well here's an interesting update. I turned off iCloud Drive on my mac, and it moved out all of the files into a seperate folder. I then turned back on iCloud Drive, and it downloaded both Affinity Folders. So they're uploaded somewhere, they're just not showing up on the website. Any ideas about that?
  7. Hm. That's really strange then. I'm currently on my Mac, and as you can see in the attached screenshot, even on the same computer, logged in to the same Apple ID, I'm missing quite a bit of folders. Is there some kind of setting in the folder itself that needs to be set to allow it to sync up with the website?
  8. I use both Mac and Window computers, and have purchased Affinity Photo and Designer for both. I'm curious, how can I get to my files saved from my Mac into the iCloud drive, on to my PC? When I go to iCloud.com there is no Affinity folder there, although it is saved to the iCloud drive on my Mac. Am I going to have to use Dropbox?
  9. Okay, I see now the tool tip that shows up along the bottom when I grab that corner. Thank you very much for helping me!
  10. Perfect, thank you! One more related question: When dragging from the corner box to resize, is there a way to force it so that the vertical and horizontal adjustment are the same? Right now when holding the corner box you can move it horizontal and vertical independent of the each other, meaning unless you're careful, it's easy to squish an image.
  11. Hello, I've created a Greek Key design using the pen tool, and then connected the individual strokes using "Join Curves" in the node tool. Now the entire design is treated as a whole, like I'm wanting. However, when I select the image, then resize it by dragging the corner boxes, the white space between the strokes shrinks down, but the strokes themselves stay the same width. How can I make it so that the whole thing stays in the proper ratio when resizing? Thanks in advance!
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