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  1. That noise you just heard was the sound of the penny dropping - sorry Matt for misunderstanding. Thanks again Simon
  2. Thanks Alfred, this method works a treat, once I figured how to select both shapes! Simon
  3. Hi, still no dice! Just in case its important I'm using version v1.6 . The "add" option remains greyed out so it is not an option. However, my solution is as follows: create a trapezium then invert it to make a coffee cup shape. Next open the snapping manager and enable snapping along with "snap to object geometry". Use the pen tool to trace over the cup, double clicking on the first/final point to close the shape, I started and ended at the top left. The first shape may be deleted. The new shape object may be resized as required and text added using the frame text command. This text runs as expected left to right , top to bottom. A bit of a kludge but it does work here. Thanks Simon
  4. Initially I used the trapeziod tool/shape and then inverted it using the rotation handle. I have just had a second attempt trying to follow your advice. If I invert the shape then convert to curved the text is upside down and reads bottom to top right to left. If however I place a trapezium and then convert to curves then adjust the shape the text is o.k. when I use a text frame. So it seems that the transformation is retained following a conversion to curves. An example is attached - the text was grabbed from the internet and is part of my daughters A level Art project. Thanks Simon Problem.afdesign
  5. I apologise if this is a known feature or problem but I am stuck: I wish to create a block of text in the shape of a trapezium. When I use the default shape tool all works as expected with the margins of the text following the trapezium shape. However, I wish my shape to resemble a plastic coffee cup, wider at the top than the bottom. When I add frame text to the inverted trapezium it is displayed upside down and back to front. Is there a way of resetting the text entry to the top left and having it flow normally? I have tried to attach a screen shot of the problem. best wishes Simon
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