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  1. OK, is this just system specific issue that it doesn't trickle down the layers when you select a layer and press "Scale with object" or is it an app bug? I'm on El Capitan with the latest Affinity Designer 1.5.4 and it keeps missing sub-layers. Is there any chance for a button in Preferences, that would enable users like me, to turn on "scale with objects" by default, to have a worry free designing. Instead of something going a miss and then having to spend extra time on hundreds of layers, finding which one has it on and which one for some reason did not. I really appreciate as it was said on another thread that scalling settings are "made by design", but a button in preferences for some of us would make a world of difference, even if not turned ON by default. Just having the option to turn it on, is a life saver.
  2. Hi guys, Firstly congrats on both Affinity Designer and Photo, they're much more intuitive to use than either Illustrator or Photoshop. Now on to the "but" part... I've been having issue with this "Scale with object" function since I started using Designer. While easy to fix in objects which only have couple of layers, it is right down pain for objects that have multiple layers and sub-layers (I'm talking tens to hundreds). I tried to select all parent objects and select "Scale with object" but it doesn't always trickle down to all layers, which means, I have to go and manually check each and every layer, which is very time consuming as well as frustrating. Could you please tell me am I doing something wrong, that this option doesn't trickle down, or is this also by design? Then again, if some of the layers have effects on them, it means I have to go and check each and every effect layer and tick the option in the effects panel window. Would it be possible to look into this, or if it already works, educate me how to get pass this problem, so I don't waste hours, going through each and every layer to enable "scale with object". Thank you in advance and keep on the good work!
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