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  1. . Thanks Chris - as long as I know it's a bug. I have my dock open all the time (with all the things) I'll start hiding it when I'm working in AD for the quick fix but it's not my personal preference to do so Is it on the fix list for the future?
  2. Hi Chris_K - yes I believe that's the case. I just tried to squige the UI a little to see if I could select. Is it something I'm doing wrong?
  3. Hi Tech Team I've updated to 1.5.4 Designer and went to make some shapes this morning (like you do on a wednesday) and found that I can't select the heart shape. It mustn't love me anymore :( I would cry but it won't let me select the tear shape either. On a mac running Sierra 10.12.1 Hope I've posted in the right place. Thanks for investigating guys Sara
  4. Dale!! You are a twinkle star - I can zoom away to my heart's content! zoom zoom!
  5. Hello All! My name is Sara and I'm a MacGirl. Have no official design experience (mostly pootled about in PSE) but am really keen to learn Affinity so shall be checking out all the tutorials as they land. Have downloaded the Beta and am finding my way gingerly around it. Total noob! I've not figured out yet how to zoom with my mouse wheel but not doubt that will dawn on me. Love being creative just for the hell of it and for absolutely no reason at all. Great App guys - You deserve lots of cake
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