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  1. I feel your pain! As a retoucher, I only use "current layer and below." You would think it was be as simple as just making it an option you can choose in the preferences. To be able to set the default behavior for each tool like the Clone Stand, Healing brush, In painting tool would be perfect.
  2. 3 years ago I purchased (or got free through a promo, can't remember) the Dirk WA╠Őstenhagen-Fine Art Texture Collection. In my Affinity profile, it shows the collection under my purchases. But it has the Affinity logo icon and store next to it. Clicking it takes my to the page showing all my purchases. I can re-download them, but this texture pack isn't set up to be used for assets. It's just 99 .jpeg files. So I can't access them through the Assets tab in Affinity photo. I know that I can open one of the files, then add it to a created asset category by "adding from selection," but I wo
  3. Yes, I've definitely noticed that. I use the low flow with the clone stamp tool for portrait retouching, so the banding isn't an issue when doing skin. But it definitely becomes noticeable when I am removing hair fly-aways against a solid background. I've tried different ways to minimize it, but like you said changing to 16-bit it the only thing that makes it go away.
  4. That's very interesting. I always, assumes that with a low flow brush, the brush would eventually build itself up to 100% over time. But what you say makes sense. Each dab is only giving 2% flow, it's impossible for it to ever reach 100% because it's on;y ever giving a percentage of 100%. Kind of like halving a number, then continuing the half the result. You would never reach true 0%. I assume the same is for opacity then? if I have a brush set to 50%, it will never achieve true 100% opacity, because it's only ever putting down 50%. Make a lot of sense. Thank you.
  5. I was just playing with some brushes just now and came across something that I'm not sure is a feature or a bug. When using a brush with a very low flow (2%, 0% hardness) the brush never reaches full opacity. it looks like it does at one point, but as I continue to paint the inside starts to become lighter. I provided a picture using 100% black agaisnt a 50% gray background to give an example. For the 2% flow brush I repeatedly moved the brush up and down (without lifting it) until the value not longer changed. I'm not sure it this is the way it's supposed to work, or if it's a bug.
  6. For me, I don't understand why only the inpainting tool always defaults back to current layer only. The healing brush and clone stamp tool don't. I'm sure there was a reason for this decision for this, but I at least wish we had an option to have it stay or default back to current layer only.
  7. Great. That would be a nice feature. Thank you for your time! Loving the beta so far. The performance increase is amazing! great work!
  8. OK, tested out the demo, and it seems to work. So, now I have a question, should the undo command reset the whole curves state, or just the last point added? I know for example in Capture One 11, if I add three points on the curve, each press of the undo key will remove each point, one by one. From your posted video it seems this isn't the case in Affinity Photo. Is this a feature, or design choice? Or is it something you might add later on? Thanks for you help, and time. I look forward to playing with the Beta!
  9. Cool. Thanks for the quick reply. I will give it a try! Just to cover all bases, I closed all other running applications, restarted Affinity, and restarted my computer as well. The problem still persists. I'll try out demo, and let you know! Thank you.
  10. sure thing! First time, you'll see me make three points on the curve adjustment window, then I press "command+Z" and the whole thing disappears. Then, I do the same thing, but use the edit tab, and select "undo adjustment parameter." and it deletes all three points, but the window stays. Then I make two points and press "command+z" and it removes the window. Even after making a different adjustment layer, and undo a few steps, when it gets to the curves, the undo will remove everything. curves_undo.mov
  11. I can't remember if it was always like this, or is a bug, but when I add a point and make a curves adjustment, and hit undo (command+z) it just removes the whole curves adjustment layer. This is especially alloying after I've made a few curve adjustment, and just want to undo my last adjustment. When I hit undo, it closes the curves window and removes the adjustment layer, so I lose all the curve adjustments I did. Has it always been like this? Is this a bug? I don't have this problem with the other adjustment tools. Just curves.
  12. I have the same issue. But even with the mouse (magic mouse) its still usually requires at least 3 clicks before my custom macros load. Sometimes it will require up to 10 mouse clicks or more before the marco loads. And when it does it usually preforms the operation like two times. I also can't get them to load at all clicking with the wacom tablet. It hightlights (turns blue when clicked) but nothing happens.
  13. Hmm. I'll have to look more into that. Always looking for different ways to make finer selections.
  14. Thats interesting. Could you go into more detail about using the blue channel to refine your selection?
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