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  1. But ... while doing this, you need so to play with images resolutions. It should come with surprises for offset prints.
  2. etageneuf

    Rename Master Page?

    Yep ... But one the master created with a shorter acceptance ... if i want to change the title for a longer one, it does not do the job, just let me see "the title ... " So considering different but similar master titles, it says "Entreprise ...", "Entreprise ...", "Entreprise ...", "Entreprise ..." ...
  3. etageneuf

    Rename Master Page?

    I saw this as well ... It seems to do the job while changing ... one word ... For i.e while the title is "Entreprise" ... i can't obtain this to be "Entreprise in Paris", then an other "Entreprise in London" ... etc.
  4. Come on αℓƒяє∂ ... Have a layer with your table cells, and an other below containing assets, images or so ... That's it, or i did not understand the purpose ?
  5. I found, in addition, strange the way guides are getting away while trying to put them near a bleed area (but inside a document page) ... But remember ... this beta is the first release of a fantastic tool.
  6. Thomas Bricker, you'll find the mac version through the Appstore.
  7. Hi guys, Fantastic tool even in beta release. Just a problem while importing pictures ... Every tests done let me see that 300 dpi comes at 72 dpi. (File > Place ...) For exemple ... a picture that is 4000 × 2400 @ 300 dpi in PS comes as 4000 × 2400 ... @ 72 dpi. When resizing at the exact size manually, it gives something like 290 dpi ... but it may play with native pixels, isn't it ? Strange indeed. Any thoughts about this ? Thanks a lot in advance.