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  1. Hi all, Im triying to do some illustration and sorry but I need to know if exist any option to use in affinity designer pixel persona for to configure a brush to blend color as painting or to pick up underlaying colors as exists in other paintings softwares??? I m just starting with the program , and miss this characteristic with the pixel brushes.... exist something similar or not, and please, where can I configure it??? Thank you guys. :D
  2. Thank you very much MEB, this is very helpfull. :D
  3. sorry but often it crash on pdf exportation,
  4. Hi, I m doing a job and usally i work with corel, that have an option for that in file publish as pdf and selecc there bleeds etc and the option to export all the text like curves, So my question is , is there any way to do the same in affinity, sorry if it obvious , but I am quite newbie with the program. Thank you very much.

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