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  1. You could use it as a mask, since Z-Depth is just a greyscale image. Just make sure it’s in an image format AP can read.
  2. I don’t mind artboards as special layers... but they shouldn’t be moved freely as layers. It’s so annoying currently to select all and artboard moves around... If I lock the artboard obviously I can’t select what’s inside it even if I need to.
  3. Hey there, Here I am ;) Greyscale 8 bit should be enough, saves memory. For displacements maps go 16 bit. As for base color depends on your render engine. Some consider black as 0 bump, others 50% grey as no bump + in this case you have positive and negative bump(I would go 16 bit in this case just to get high quality gradients) HSL, Levels, High Pass Filters are the quickest ways to get bump maps. Cheers, Vlad
  4. I got in the past a similar issue. Maybe the perspective tool should work in a smarter way to account for the different DPI results?
  5. Usually I never use ignore snapping, because I need it all the time. The shortcut modifier is better used for something else I guess.
  6. 00Ghz

    Canon C300

    Hey guys, My latest work in 3D... again :D Of course AP was used for post. This time uploaded renders & retouched versions as well. Cheers, Vlad
  7. I think Affinity is the only one exhibiting it’s current gradient behaviour with swatches. Apps I used so fat allow you to move swatch points away from edges. :)
  8. Or maybe open instances of the original embedded file and add an option to control layer visibility for each instance separately.
  9. Hi, Char/word/line counter for AD, to make it easier to get the right length/height right, for amount of text in paragraphs. Counting manually is not fun :huh: Cheers, Vlad
  10. Hi, Have an issue here. 1. I am importing a PDF with multiple pages. 2. Making some changes to text in some of them. 3. Trying to save the changes to the pdf. Here issue comes in. - I just can’t seem to make AD regardless of MAS version or beta to export ALL the pages. It just seems to want to export the first page regardless of what settings I choose in the export panel. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Wish there was some option to just save in current format instead of trying to save to AD format. Thanks, Vlad
  11. His issue is not just the app to run. That happens fine on his current old machine. His problem is to run fine when job gets intensive. So i7 it should be for him ;)
  12. Well I will make it reallyyyy eassyyy for you :) Just get the most expensive config you can find. That one will work best with affinity apps and more ;) If budget is a concern however then anything with an I7 + SSD will do fine.
  13. 00Ghz

    Audi RS5

    Hey guys, Another personal project made with MODO & AP for Post. https://www.behance.net/gallery/30224661/Audi-RS5 Comments and critiques welcomed ;) Cheers, Vlad
  14. Thanks :) I was wondering... will there be any UI magazine out for AD once those UI specific stuff are on the app store? Like the one you have for illustrations?
  15. Hey guys, A personal project I finished in AD. https://www.behance.net/gallery/30163351/IOS-9-App-Interface Comments and critiques welcomed ;) Cheers, Vlad
  16. I just can’t seem to understand what’s this fanboyism with Linux especially when you're a casual user. - Linux is only a viable alternative if you’re a developer for android or server related services, maybe some other minor scenarios. Some 3D software is indeed supported on it but only because big studios pay a lot of money for licenses. - Too much fragmentation. Supporting only Ubuntu will anger other distro users. And for Serif to support more distros means more cost & code fragmentation. - Cross platform UI code is definitely possible and will indeed reduce costs significantly....at the expense of user experience. There is this other photo editor launched a few months ago(Ormmrrr or something). It looks terrible on mac, bad retina UI scaling, and very crash prone. Cross platform = Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Check Java vs. C++ btw if you’re still not convinced. And before you bring out QT as a UI solution, that has limitations/issues of it’s own. - MODO is used indeed. But how many users again? And it’s $1800 or so + VAT in the EU. - Steam is nice on Linux... Where exactly are most AAA games? Can’t seem to see them on Linux... Or on the other hand, how do Linux Indie sales compare to Mac or Windows ones? If you want for Serif to consider porting do some actions that provide some hard facts/numbers. Maybe a kickstarter to raise the money or a big survey/poll to see how many people on Linux would actually buy it? Those ideas have been mentioned before in some other thread on this forum but you’re welcome to make something of your own. Right now Linux is not a viable business expansion option for many companies, not just Serif. And this state of being won’t change too soon either. Getting mad at Serif or any other individual who say it’s not worth it, won’t make Linux more business success proof then before. Linux for a couple of reasons, it’s its own enemy, and we can’t help it. P.S. Yes I tried to use LINUX on my 3D workstation... thing won’t even install the updated graphic drivers from NVIDIA. Wait why do I have to install stuff from the Terminal in 2015? ;)
  17. Hi Chris, Didn’t save unfortunately. :( Thanks
  18. Why people don’t press Cmd+S more often is beyond me :)
  19. Hi guys, Getting this effect sometimes when hovering over with the brush tool over other layers in last AP beta. Is this normal? :) Cheers, Vlad
  20. Define more then a few months away..A decade? :D
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