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  1. The DNG is large. I am not sure if I can upload this here... Wait, I can upload up to 2GB!? Alrighty, here's the raw image. Hope this help. IMGP2804.DNG Update: Just found out that MOST of my images are cropped like this ( in Affinity Photo ). Only a few of them does not suffer this strange behaviour. Update 2: I can edit it with the builtin photo app without it being cropped.
  2. I can view my image with the builtin photo app. But when I opened it in affinity photo. It appeared as cropped. Also there's a white line on the left edge. Is this a bug? PC Version: Win 10 1809 ( Build 17763.379 ) Affinity Photo Version: File Format: DNG Properties show in Affinity Photo: 6028x4024px, 24.26MP, RGBA/32 (HDR) - RAW
  3. Just purchased the Affinity designer! I have 2 PCs, one is desktop, the other one is the Surface Pro 4. Both of them I used on my own. Do I need to purchase another license for both machines?
  4. Please add support to export xaml. It is useful for making icons for Windows app. From my post history. I've heart that you guys already have something similar that is used internally for making icons? Reference: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21514-solved-feature-requests/?p=100628
  5. Press the cursor to define the starting point. Drag the end point. Then these two points will become diameter of this circle.
  6. Point: In illustrator, I could select several points and then switch to size tool and resize them. Path: In 3ds Max. there was a way to draw curves in a way that the tipping point is following the pen. When drawing that curve, pressing backspace would remove the previous point you just drawn. It is useful when drawing a line without interruptions.
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