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  1. Hey! @MattP , Hope all is well.. I was wondering if perhaps there was anymore thought about this for AD?
  2. Hello! Thanks for the workaround! IF any of developers are viewing this thread, this is still a wanted addition for those of us who utilize motion and also AD.
  3. Has anyone been experiencing this issue with affinity photo? When pressing the CMD + C or right click + copy options, affinity Photo is crashing.
  4. Quixel is a suite that allows for texturing and coloring/shading of 3d models.. its a photoshop plugin.. Im also a 3d modeler and looking for ways that can integrate AP a lot more closely. I think Quixel would but a great add-on for the 3d modeling community. Now there are other ways for sure to get the results, but quixel offers a quick way of doing it and I don't plan on going back to photoshop lol. I know that there are others who also are interested in this as well as I've done research before posting this so its not a personal request, as much as its a community desire. Anyhow thanks for the programs in general. I know you all work hard and Im still thankful for what they are now and whats offered.
  5. MenoCreative

    Golden Ratio Template

    THe only issue i found while trying to do this in AD is when dividing the sections to make them all individual, the divide separates each section on the fill leaving a gap once you delete all the pieces not needed. then when trying to combine them, there's a gap between every piece. Ill include attachments on the process. Here: I added a yellow fill layer behind the lines. 2.. I then selected both to have divided for individual sections. 3. Heres original result. 4. I changed selected divides ( Layers to yellow) 5. Here's showing the black outlined divide thats creating the separations between shapes. with it on and then off.
  6. Hey! Hope you all are doing well! First Thanks for all that you all do and are working towards! Thanks for providing the community with a great and constantly improving program. After using Affinity Designer, there are a few things from utilizing a tablet and the program that I think would benefit user experience and workflow. - Tablet Options When utilizing a tablet. Having some availability options to change and set keys with the tablets through the app would be great. Also, shape/pressure options within the application as well. I suppose more enhanced support when it comes to tablets. - Expanding stroke. When utilizing this, it seems to over compensate on the strokes causing bigger unproportioned (To the original stroke) shapes and makes it difficult to combine/merge the layers to one full layer. -Dividing shapes. When using this, If there could be an option with how many duplicates it makes. It divides and cuts out all the parts, but it does it by doubling up the parts and i end up having to shift around layers to get it to its original state to start working again. Hope this one makes sense. Ill attach examples. Again thanks for what you all do and are developing there at Serif Labs!
  7. MenoCreative

    Screen/App glitches

    Lately, whenever I have Affinity opened up, then switch over to another app or program and then come back what you see in the pictures happen. Sometimes its just all red in color. Has anyone else experienced this? Im currently using a late 2016 15' macbook pro 256gb 16GB Mem.
  8. I just opened an ai file in affinity this past week and even edited with the same file. So its possible.