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  1. Jaxx

    straight brush stroke

    Hello , have installed the current version on my mac, how can I make a straight brush stroke? With shift button do not work
  2. In the macro record is not possible to select several layers and to group them. if i choose another layer, a popup will come up and i have to confirm why? Often I can not select this layer then. I want to create a very simple macro, 3 layers and group them, but it does not work.
  3. thank you for the answer I can not do it what do I want to do? I want to create a curves layer, then mask it. the same again (for dodge and burn) then create a new pixel layer with white fill and blendmode on color. These three layers should be in a group.
  4. Hey Affinity Team will it be possible in one of the next versions to create groups and to move layers in it when creating a macro?
  5. I want to create a mockup in which the image needs a perspective distortion. Is it possible to store a perspective distortion in an embedded document? When I insert a new image, the perspective should be adjusted automatically.
  6. @MEB Many thanks that would be great @R C-R If the PNG does not have 32bit it is not displayed. I do not see my png in the gui. This is a special case but png's with 24bit do not work. Thank you for your support
  7. Because 24bit graphics do not work Yes, it works. But I also have full-screen graphics without transparent areas and these also require 24 + 8 bits 24 bit color plus 8 bit alpha transparency
  8. @Sima I want to create gui background graphics for a linux receiver and these need a 32bit color depth. that would be perfect
  9. I do not know if I understand correctly. First I create a new document with RGB / 8 and activate transparent background, then I draw a rectangle with a gradient and export it with RGB / 24, correct? The result is a png with 24bit What am I doing wrong?
  10. Is there any new insights into this subject? Also I need 32bit png's and I can not create one. With photoshop is no problem to do that.
  11. Hi folks, I know it from the Adobe products and find it pretty cool and useful. A small second panel dock with icons and drop down menu. Have you ever thought about installing something like that? I wish it and hope it comes! :) Many greetings jaxx