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  1. I got spoiled with DrawPlus. When I went to Export and selected PNG, 32 bit, it created the transparent background around the object I created. I am working to make the full transition to Affinity Designer, but I do not how to create or have a transparent background for my designs. Could someone please help me by pointing out the steps I need to take in having a transparent background?
  2. Serif is the Best! They gave us beta testers a great price of only $39.99 US plus a ton of additional add-ons (waiting for the download for these additions). Just as with the beta, easy download and installation. I already setup my preferences to start my new projects. I loved DrawPlus, but now I will become an Affinity Designer expert. I think being a long time Serif customer has its benefits. They seem to really want feedback and actually act on it. I hope Adobe users see the light and switch over to Affinity. Besides being expensive, Adobe Illustrator can be very difficult. Serif as usual gives us high end software that is user friendly. The support is great. I will do my best to pass it on when the regular rollout starts. Again, thank you Serif for giving us beta testers a great price for the full product!!! :)
  3. May I suggest in the Exporting as a picture adding a bit depth of 32 for a PNG image. I like that feature in DrawPlus. It provides an automatic transparent background. In the Affinity Designer the largest bit depth is 24 and this produced a white background, not the transparent background that I was looking for. Also, would it be possible to include the preview function when exporting to the different image formats? I do like the many image options. It could be that I need to do something else to have my transparent background. If anyone can help me understand how to do this in the Affinity Designer, that would be helpful. However, I was thinking of the official rollout of the final product. A lot of DrawPlus users will need to switch to stay current. We'll just need a little help in learning how to use the Affinity Designer from what we used in DrawPlus for the many years it has been around.
  4. I've been using the Affinity Designer. However, I still find myself missing some of the straightforward options in DrawPlus. First, I think an Undo button at the top would be nice instead of having to go to Edit on the menu bar. Second, I like the Color section. What I miss is the simplified Publication pallet for quick colors. That being said, I think this Affinity Designer is a great product. My comments were geared to the many DrawPlus users who will eventually have to make a switch. It seems like a lot of that program is in this new Designer. The color selections alone are very impressive. Where would I find information on how to use the layer functions in Affinity Designer?
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