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  1. Beside the missing of a delete shortcut, spacebar+drag to navigate the artboard is also an important shortcut that never made it to the ipad version. These two omissions are stopping me from using the ipad version. Sometimes I wonder these obvious omissions are intentional by the dev team to weaken the ipad version tho.
  2. Agree this would be a very useful (and sometimes essential) function to have in a vector program. But since Affinity does not have an interest in developing this by ignoring the request for years, I guess they think using power duplicates to create patterns is superior to a pattern swatch?
  3. Ok, I know what exactly happened. I tried to open .afdesign / .afphoto files using the import from cloud function. And it seems Apple currently doesn't allow importing files from Google drive which I used to store all my work. Only after I saved the files onto iCloud drive they could be imported...
  4. I just found out I can't even open afphoto files (saved natively from the iPad AP app). p.s. Even sharing a photo to AP from my photos app is impossible now, AP is nowhere to be found (neither in "more")
  5. I'm not sure if it is a file issue... ALL afdesign files are greyed out in the import from cloud window.
  6. I could load afdesign files on the iPad affinity photo app some weeks ago but it seems disabled now. Did I miss anything?
  7. There is currently no way to choose font weights? Am I missing something?
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