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  1. Thank you ~ I find I go to the Amazon.uk , and I will try Amazon.com
  2. I bought "Designer Workbook" from amazon before I just find "Photo Workbook" in Amazon , but this time it can not delivery to Taiwan . is there any way to buy it ?
  3. When Affinity Photo Workbook in amazon uk will be available ? The official store could not deliver it to my country , and I bought Affinity Designer Workbook in amazon before . But it seems Affinity Photo Workbook is not available in amazon now ...
  4. Is it still available on Amazon ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Affinity-Photo-Workbook-Europe-Limited/dp/1909581054/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508383411&sr=1-5&keywords=affinity+photo Or is there any other way to buy it ? I can not buy it on offical site because it can not deliver to my country...
  5. Oh~ thanks~ I am a programmer , and sometimes my work is about image analysis. Windows Bitmap format's file size let me know the picture's memory usage in realtime analysis easily , and doesn't need to decompress when loading it. I don't care file size , so in some case I use Windows Bitmap format . But it is not a big deal , I still can use Photoplus x8 :D
  6. Could I export file to Bitmap format ? I can do this in Photoplus x8 , but I don't know how to do this in affinity photo.
  7. oh ~ I know there is an info panel in Affinity Photo , but I can't find it in Affinity Design ..... I still think show cursor coordinates on status bar simply like DrawplusX8 is the best way ... Is there any other way the know the coordinates inner one object ?
  8. I could see the mouse cursor coordinates realtime at the status bar in Drawplus X8 . How could I check this infomation in Affinity Designer ? The Transform tab only can see coordinates of object , but I need to know some coordinates in some part of one object . Is there any way to see cursor coordinates in Affinity Designer ? thanks~
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