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    A. J. got a reaction from GctKt in UNABLE TO OPEN AP 1.5.2 (Beta 5)   
    I purchased and installed 1.5.1 from the app store quite some time ago. I have installed and used all Beta updates since then. Suddenly (today) I can't open the latest Beta. I keep getting a message that the retail version must be installed, and I get bounced to the App Store. The app store shows AP as previously purchased. I can open it from the app store and from my apps folder, list, etc. It is installed.
    How do I get back my usable version of AP 1.5.2 (Beta 5)?
    This is serious guys! What happened?
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    A. J. got a reaction from A_B_C in SLIDER CONTROLS ORIENTATION   
    Hi, guys. Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated.
    I understand about setting a white point and a black point. I just think the AP settings on the scales are counter-intuitive. Maybe it's just that old habits die hard. I used LR for quite some time, and if I remember correctly, all the sliders in the Basic and Tone Curve panels go left to right, dark to light. Pull a slider to the right and the image gets lighter, and vice versa. If you hold down the alt key, it allows you to set the white and black points. You pull a slider to the right, the image gets lighter, and you see where the light areas of the image are blown out, i.e: that is where you know that everything beyond there has no information, and you set the white point. Pull left to set the black point. Dark on the indicator means dark, light means light. Is it different in PS?
    I don't mean to sound pedantic. That's just the way I remember it. I could be wrong. I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast. :(
    BTW, Alex: That is a great tutorial by Steve Patterson.
    I agree with you that AP and other apps such as Luminar make PS obsolete, and I stopped updating PS and LR when Adobe went subscription. I'm in love with AP.
    Thanks again.
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    A. J. got a reaction from diegoZpn in HISTOGRAM RESPONSE LAG   
    While using various adjustment panels I noticed that the histogram is not responding in real time. There is a significant delay between movement of a slider and the corresponding change on the histogram. In fact, I have to stop movement of the slider to allow the histogram to catch up. Is this a bug? I'm pretty sure it is not my system that is slowing it down. Is there a way to adjust the response time in preferences, or in some other manner?
    I'm running AP beta 1.5.2. Please let me know if there is a more recent version available.
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