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  1. well , i try to Support too. i only think that e mac/iPad versions are better supported than the Windows versions. i tried to use AP instead of PS but there are really issues first of all in Performance. using 5-6 Layers in PS runs much much smoother. as i work the most time with brush in masking and history brush to manipulate local contrast it is essential to have a Kind of smooth working.and AP in this Moment does not! Kinds of Fairness i have to say that i work with really large tiffs from Phaseone Backs and Sony A7RII files... maybe in s view months dings are going to Change here , i would hope so ;)
  2. maybe if you are using 16-20 MB Files ... and please stop trolling....
  3. Well, i know that there are commercial needs and thats ok. But when i talk about not usable for professional purposes there are 2 Reasons for that: first of all PERFORMANCE. This thing is really slow and if i have to wait for brush-strokes several seconds until they are finished and i can see the result. All this on a Graphic Workstation with a NVIDIA Quattro Graphic Card and plenty of RAM! In Comparision, Photoshop is quick and fluid. And since 1.5 the latest Betas got even worse , if you use a Wacom Tablet every brush stroke (History Brush Tool) stops after a view seconds and has a delay for a view seconds , i do not want to work so! My Problem is, that i can not see any performance gains over the new realeases / Betas.Nobody can tell me that this thing is performant! Second Point is Wacom input. I do a lot with Wacom. But I think that WACOM Support in this Software is poor. And there is a additional Point as i posted earlier: using History Brush produces Artifacts and ugly Patterns. I know that it is a BETA Version , but i lost confidence in the algorithms. The Feature List on the other side is pretty well. I do not need a RAW Converter. There a better Options on the Market (e.g. C1 or even RAW Therapee). My Point is, there is a need of a Photoshop Rival, and i think it goes a good way. But not now at this stage. By the way, as a consumer of this product i should give my feedback. it is my opinion. Generally i understand the needs and time consuming work. Thats all ok, i further support you... :)
  4. It seams that further development is not happening right now! i loved this peace of software , but it is not usable for professional purposes ... its a pity but i will follow from time to time whats the progess here Best regards
  5. Installing without problems... used the new wacom input but have to say that (using the undo brush tool) doing one stroke there is a pause of a view seconds , after that it renders further the changes. Then another stroke ... the same pause again and again.... Generally spoken if i do the same with the mouse , no lag at all. But still i am not happy with using the undo brush tool and only having 2 pixel layers active. The performance is very poor when making changes with the pen or the mouse...I use different blend modes with two layers of the same (reference layer is the bottom one) to change local contrast... When i put the brush previews to off ... it is way better but still not good . Another Problem i saw is in the Failures.JPG. Please look at the image and those ugly patterns came up at the left of the yellow line... I did some work on the left side of the image with the undo brush tool, but definitly not in the area of the yellow lines. The second attached Image shows the underlying (referenced) layer. I could notice this behaviour several times.
  6. I have a brand-new (2 Weeks) Wacom Tablet Intous Pro M. WACOM has given out 2 new Firmware-Updates last Week. I tried working with the BETA , but when i use the UNDO-Brush on acopied layer with different Overlay Methods i see , that the whole application is getting slower and slower. I have a Lenovo Workstation with NVIDIA Quatro Graphics and 16GB Ram and a huge 8 Core CPU. In between using the UNDO-Brush i allways get the message from Windos "Application ...not responding" . After a while i can work again. CPU runs on full power and also the fans do in these Situations. I have multiple layers and of course deactivate those which i am not using. But with 2 Layers active and doing Brush-Work i should not have to wait time over time to see the work i did progressing in the image viewer. Any ideas about that?
  7. Hi, yoy are right in some things. It was only a hint. I work since 15 years in Software Development mainly and had all those flaws of different windows versions to cover and live with it. Me and my collegues are very happy with W10 , as it is the first really smooth running system over the years from the start on. Of course you can stick with W7/8 as you like. But i still had problems with wacom on my w8.1 installs even a year ago...thats all , nice day !
  8. I tested the beta version with no problems at all. As i see always the same people have troubles . Means : old Windows Versions , top of all the worst windows version if all Windows 8 ! There were allways update troubles in windows 8 , pease take a look at microsoft support cases. Sometimes the updates are broken in Windows 8(8.1) so Microsoft left several Tips and ways to repair this. I mean in Windows 10 all things run flawless, including the latest Wacom updates ! So i would recommend to install up to date windows versions. So at this point, what was the reason to rewrite wacom pen input ? What should have been the benefits ? As i can not see any problems with wacom input or nvidia graphics...why reverting the changes ?
  9. Hi, i have installed the beta today and gave it a try... No Problems so far. Installation was without problems. The Curves News to remove Node with the right mouse button is much easier and quicker. I also noticed that painting with the undo brush tool works know a bit quicker. I had no chrashes at all. I also have no input lag on my WACOM Tablet ! Well for those who have hardware with multible updates (e.g. W7 , W8/8.1 and so on) might get some problems. As i have seen , always the same people have troubles. Maybe formatting and new modern windows installs may change much... One question: Will the use of deticated GPUs be more efficient ? I can not tell any differences between my Intel Standard GPU and my NVIDIA QUADRO 2100 with plenty of RAM!
  10. "Click the Undo Brush Source camera icon on the history state or snapshot you want to paint back to." That was the key... i did not know it Thank a lot !
  11. hi, i am using capture one pro 10 with sessions or catalogues and from within i do the basic image raw work and then call right click open in Affinity Photo. thats a quick roundtrip work where the exportes tiff to affinity shows automatically within C1
  12. well yes i did think about something like this. i tried to make a snapshot and thought (as it makes sense like so) that the undo brush will take data from the last snapshot ( like in PS ) ... the undo brush makes no sence when it only works with the oldest data in the history. the reason why undo brush is so important is , that you can brush in with different blend modes. you can not simulate that with a 50% gray layer and doing so. Example when using 2 Layers of the same grayscale data brushing in in different blend modes is a easy way to enhance ... see George de Wolfs website
  13. Hi, i tried using the undo brush tool. I made that on a tiff with two layers. Background is a B&W Conversion flattened above is one curve layer taking some adjustments. I thought i can use it with different blendmodes blending together with the underlying layer or the last snapshot. Now, surprise surprise ... if i use the brush , the strokes bring back the COLOR information... I do not know why this is possible because i have no color information in any of the layers -> everything is converted in B&W. What do i or cannot understand ? Any suggestions ? Thank you for some answers !
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