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  1. You're welcome. The immediate trigger was something innocuous (sorry, not sure), but I had been trying to browse a network filestore across a 50 Mbps (?) Ethernet. I browsed to different folders several times without waiting for Affinity to finish getting information about the previous one. [sorry, mostly off-line now until next weekend.]
  2. Affinity Designer fell over. Here's a copy of the diagnostic information OS X proposed to send to Apple. Crash_diagnostic.txt HTH gregrg
  3. (not sure which forum this really belongs in - really a request for improvement) I liked the media browser, but find it slow when working with a collection of image files on a network disc. It would be really nice if it could be tweaked to be more usable in that environment.
  4. I like the look of the media browser - pops up with no delay and seems to do the job. Any chance of making it work with the place image function? (Sorry if it already does - I can't find how.)
  5. Can we please have a feature to import an image from a device so that I can get images from my scanner. I thought it must be there or must be an existing request but I can't find it. Ideally this would allow an image to be accepted either as a new document or placed within an existing document.
  6. I'd like to add a vote for this feature. On the one hand it isn't a simple thing so getting it in an early release is a big ask. On the other hand, Serif's DrawPlus product has had such a function for about the last five years. Has anyone here tried using it? Would duplicating that functionality in Affinity be satisfactory? I'd guess it would be at least an excellent start and should be relatively quick. I see Serif provides Windows users with presets aide at tracing logos, fray scale images and colour photos; would those go down well with potential Affinity users?
  7. i had hoped to see a third view but ... Well you're sort of right and sort of not. The problem is that jargon words like "bitmap" have well-defined meanings only for the people whose jargon it is. Coders have been using the word "bitmap" to refer to a raster image of any depth for some time and that usage does appear to be spreading to other communities. And I agree that "lineart" is a good word for the sort of image that can be represented accurately by a 1-bit map. (I prefer to put it that way because I think most lineart these days is held with several bytes per pixel even though a single bit would be enough - for example, the lineart I get by using Affinity Designer's Threshold adjustment.) However, as a long-time Photoshop user, I am used to seeing "Bitmap" as one of the choices on the Image Mode menu, where it still means 1-bit per pixel. It seems to me that Photoshop users without studio budgets are an important group that Serif needs to target with this product and so I suggest avoiding an unnecessary clash of terminology simply by removing the term. (You can see this menu option referenced in the section "Convert an image to Bitmap mode" on the Adobe help page at http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/converting-color-modes.html.)
  8. In the "Key Features" help text you have a heading "Bitmap designs", but in the text and elsewhere you write, less controversially, about pixels. Microsoft's .NET uses the term "bitmap" to mean a structure that holds a raster image, but that is not a good usage outside the world of Microsoft coders. I suggest you remove the term "Bitmap" from the help and other documentation - it's just confusing and arguably incorrect. The Wikipedia article says"a bitmap gives a way to store a binary image, that is, an image in which each pixel is either black or white (or any two colors)" and gives the term "pixmap" for images whose pixel values take more than a single bit (though my preference is for "pixel map" or simply "raster image"). Perhaps more significantly, Photoshop users are familiar with the "bitmap" mage mode, which is again for 1-bit pixels. Rgrds gregrg
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