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    creature got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Call for Camera Images   
    @Mark IngramI generally shoot with a Fujifilm X100F, and have it set to "RAW + JPEG", so I have plenty of example images to contribute. One of the distinctive features of Fujifilm cameras is their film simulations – allowing you to pick a particular look for your SOOC JPEG. Some of these are pretty subtle changes, but some are quite distinct (such as the B&W conversions and the 'classic chrome' mode). 
    For this project, do you prefer to receive examples just using the "Provia" setting (ie. the default), or is a variety of RAW/JPEG pairs better?
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    creature got a reaction from Marco Vazquez in AP1.5.1: previously-used presets are mistakenly shown as active when opening a new image   
    I'm using Affinity Photo 1.5.1, but this bug was also present in 1.5.0 and the 1.4.x series. 
    Steps to reproduce: 
    1. Open a RAW file in a copy of Affinity Photo that has some develop-mode presets. 
    2. Pick a preset to use, then develop the image. Save your image, then close it. 
    3. Open a different RAW file. The UI will indicate that your previously-used preset is selected and has been used, but it's not. Clicking the preset will actually apply it. 
    You can see this in action in this GIF. I recorded this to illustrate another bug in the location pane, but you can see that the preset is shown as selected before it's been applied.

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    creature got a reaction from Hofnaar in [AP] will it possible to change the Camera Profiles in future?   
    As a fellow Fuji shooter, I'd love to see this supported in Affinity Photo too. 
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    creature reacted to Hofnaar in [AP] will it possible to change the Camera Profiles in future?   
    May Im the only one who need this in RAW editing for my fuji x-series and canon pictures, but is it on the roadmap for the near future? I can't find any thread about it :)
    attached is an example of how adobe did this in lightroom