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  2. Thanks...Cheers! This one I did with Image Tricks Pro but its limited.
  3. Does Affinity Design have the ability to do guilloche designs and secondly, is there a way to do them in Affinity Photo? Thank You...Allan Las Vegas
  4. Hi Members Anyone out there wishing they had an automated contact/proof sheet check out "Proof Sheet" by Marc Rochkind website. It cost $9.99 a very fair price and you can purchase it from the iTunes Store, but iTunes does not sell any upgrades to the software...so purchase from the Marc Rochkind website via PayPal and get upgrades in the future.
  5. Hi everyone Is there any way I can transfer the Filters in CS6 to Affinity Photo, especially the "Artistic" Filter "Colored Pencil" of any 3rd party plugins available? Thanks for you response! Allan (Las Vegas)
  6. Good Morning I design really large images for corporate and professional facilities and could really do some incredible designs if I could increase the area of the Twirl option in Distort in the Filters section. I know that up to 30,000 pixels sounds ridiculous, but for me it would really allow me to design some incredible images. If you don't want to include it in your upgrades in the future, maybe you would be willing to offer it as a plugin at an extra cost...I would be willing to pay for this addition to Affinity Photo. Thank You! Allan
  7. When can we expect an update to Affinity Photo? Thank You! Allan
  8. Dear Affinity Photo I do a lot of designing images using the TWIRL FILTER, but I can only use an image of about 4.25 inches or smaller. If I go, say 16" x 16", the Twirl filter only affects a small area in the center the image. I even go up to 36" x 36" images and it would be great if I could use the Twirl filter for such a large image. Allan R Jones
  9. Hi everyone I am having some of my images printed on ceramic tile and the company needs my files to be in CMYK. What is the best method to convert without sacrificing quality? Thank you ahead of time! Allan
  10. Affinity upgrade team Would like to see: 1. "SELECT" "SIMILAR" 2. Would like to see an AUTO Contact Sheet like Adobe Photoshop provides. Thanks for listening Allan
  11. Thank you for your reply, will this post be viewed by Affinity Photo..maybe they would add it in the next upgrade?
  12. Good Morning everyone Is there a CONTACT SHEET available in Affinity Photo?
  13. I don't know how many are experiencing problems because they are Adobe Photoshop users prior to moving to Affinity Photo, but I for one do experience difficulty adjusting and this is my problem not Affinity Photo. Although it would be nice if Affinity Photo was just like Adobe Photoshop CS6, I am sure there would be legal issues down the road. As I always say when I have to learn something new and it makes me feel uncomfortable, IT'S AN ADVENTURE and at 74, I'm in a hurry. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Allan
  14. Dear Affinity Photo Team Firstly, thank you for providing an alternative to Adobe Photoshop..enough said! I agree somewhat with jmac that more written documentation would be helpful as well as video tutorials. I learn best with both available to me and since I am new to Affinity Photo and being a long time user of Adobe Photoshop CS6, I am starting over again learning a new method of doing the same thing...editing photos. I have experienced difficulty with HELP since CS6 and Affinity Photo have different terminology for doing the same procedure. Searching Google does not always find the information and/or instruction for what it is you want to do. I started using the Forum, but that too doesn't always help since many times no one answers your query or it may take days till someone does. I don't want to seem like I am complaining, I love Affinity Photo and in time I will get to know it enough to do what it is I need it to do for me and I hope you will continue to make it available as a user owned software and not a subscription or I will have to find yet another software program to use and at 74 years of age, is not a good thing. Again, thank you for your software and look forward to using it more once familiar with it. Cheers! Allan
  15. Anyone know how to enlarge the Tools window. Thank you ahead of time!
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