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  1. Whenever I try to export to a pdf file, I have an error message by preflight as the above. Is it because the Affinity Publisher does not officially support Japanese? How soon, do we get the version support Japanese? I am already using it to work on my study text books.
  2. It is vital for Japanese text editing to be able to use this printing function. For example, Japanese sentence ends with a symbol and it must stay at the end of the line and not the front of the next line. I desire that this unique function for Japanese should be included in the future version of Affinity Publisher. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for taking time for me. I was wrong about the kind of fonts as you had pointed out. I have tried myself the same thing as you did. It crushed again. I have taken two screen shots and uploaded. One is my Pages app's file from which I have copied. The other is what you had created and this is the place I tried to paste it and then it crushed again. My OS is High Sierra 10.13.6 Affinity Publisher's version is 1.7.2 and I changed the preference to language - Japanese.
  4. Thanks, RC-R, Here is a copy of my file zipped. I hope this will help you to experience what I had. PsalmsL1_Worship and Praise.zip
  5. Thanks all. The frist paragraph that caused 'shut down' was the following texts. The fonts are called 'Hiragino Gothic Standard' which I often use. ================== "礼拝の中心に祈りが存在するのはどうしてでしょうか。祈りなしに礼拝することは可能でしょうか。その理由を述べてください。                                                                                                                                                   " ================= In this, the unlined part does not show but there are blank with underlines. The second crush had happened when I copied more texts than the size of the text box and the box is not yet linked to any other box. If the numbers of letters are a little more than the size to fit then it worked and I was able to paste it. But it was difficult to tell until I actually paste. Formatting a text is much efficient and easy to do when I do it on Pages than to do it on the Publisher for me. I found it true especially when I try to write something as a numbered list and edit the list. Thanks for any advice on this. Kusuda
  6. From Pages to Publisher trying to copy and paste seems to create troubles. - When the texts from Pages (Mac app) include underlines, the publisher shuts down immediately. - When you try to paste more amount of texts than the size of text box, it shuts down, too. I have many documents on Pages that I want to paste into the publisher files but I have been having problems. Any suggestions or improvements in the future. Does it only happens because of Japanese language?
  7. Since I have created documents in pages. I wanted to make it into a book using publisher. Whenever I try to copy a paragraph and paste them onto the publisher files, the publisher shut down. If the paragraph included only text, it is OK but if it had underlines or anything other than text, it happens. Each time I had to reopen the publisher and need to restore it from the old file. How can it be?
  8. When Affinity Publisher will be available?

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      Please ask on the questions forums. You have posted in your "status" and isn't for communicating with staff.

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